Friday, August 19, 2011

White Collar: DIY Idea

I used to have a black sweater from Express with a detachable white collar.  This was about 100 years ago...  When I wore the sweater it looked as if I was wearing a white shirt underneath.  Well, being such a pack-rat I still have the white collar and decided to experiment with a casual tee + white collar look.  A tee can be gray, white, black, nude.  Solid or graphic.  Deliberately showing some space in between the collar and your tee. 

What do you think?  One could purchase a thrifted men's shirt and cut the collar out.  Or ultimately, get a Faded Glory white shirt similar to the one below from Walmart's ladies' sleepwear department. 

Walmart shirt that looks like menswear is actually from the ladies' sleepwear department.  Comes in various colors, including white


  1. What a great idea!)) I'd love to try it some time, because I'm pretty much obsessed with white collars in jeneral (amd also - by Peter Pan collars))Than you for the inspiration.

  2. Love this! Have seen a few sites selling leather collars like this that you can mix and match with other items.... but they are sooo expensive. Love the idea of doing a diy with it! xx



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