Monday, August 15, 2011

My Georgia Monday: Polyphonic Singing

I have to confess: I can't sing, nor can I read music notes. But just as everyone else I enjoy good music.  I try not to limit myself with some particular genre...  I can listen to RoyksoppSoviet Underground, some pop (not too much though), beautiful folk music from around the world (including bluegrass) and everything in between that sounds pretty :)
Georgian Polyphonic Singing and Yodeling might not be exactly what I listen to everyday, yet even I acknowledge it sounds magical.   Represented in UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage... This might not be your type of music, but please watch this video anyway and hear the same music as people did centuries ago in various regions of Georgia.


  1. What beautiful music to play on a soft rainy morning. Thank you for your comment - uncanny, I was just thinking about you and then I saw it. I think it's so important to plug into our childhoods, cultures.. I will be posting about that soon. And yes your memory is correct: we went to Tranquility this time last summer, too - similar, almost identical images. I've been shooting there all my adult life, so it's also a kind of home away from home.

    Thinking of you, hope you're well Maya. xox

  2. I love Georgian singing, those beautiful male voices. I actually love everything about Georgia, I guess it had something to do with me traveling around Gergia with my parenth even before I was born, in my mom's belly)))



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