Monday, August 15, 2011

Kids Activities: Camouflage Tent

our homemade tent/hunting blind
We made this tent/hideout/squirrel hunting blind out of a box in which our new grill arrived.  We simply turned the box over, cut out a doorway and small windows, painted to camouflage and attached a few sticks and leaves with the duct tape...

squirrel hunting blind turned into a napping tent

all dressed up and ready to shoot those pesky squirrels
What we used:  a large cardboard box, utility knife, duct tape, sticks and leaves, acrylic paints and brushes.  We painted our tent with acrylic colors in various greens, browns and burnt orange all from Folk Art ($0.97 each from Walmart).  We added a little bit of water to our paints.
Greens: #927 Old Ivy, #2579 Fresh Cut Grass, #2552 Citrus Green
Brown: #462 Burnt Umber
Orange: # 2249 Pueblo

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  1. Heaven! Take one cardboard box; add: children; sprinkle over 'imagination' (plenty). Allow to develop over hours and days. I still love a big cardboard box - endless possibilities!

  2. Amazing! My sister's kids would love this! Such a clever idea! Your daughter is so stinking cute! Love her outfit in that last photo! xx

  3. Kids love to be outdoors than closed indoors of homes..Creative activities engage a child's imagination and inspire his thoughts and perceptions..
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