Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Green (inspired by Sarah Richards)

Sarah Richards for Opening Ceremony

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2011 via

I've been meaning to show you my green dress for over a year now (it's Essentials by Milano via Ross).  The problem is: I've gained so much weight I cannot fit in it :(  I totally NEED to slim down to wear this beauty.  Did you notice the price tag?  $14.99 from Ross (last summer purchase).

$14.99 green dress - Essentials by Milano from Ross (last years purchase)
see similar print here
ornate green long-sleeved shirt - Jones New York via Ross
bright green sweater - Limited (very, very, very old, 17 years ago?)
black peep-toe buckle boots - Steve Madden, DSW (also old)

horizontal pleated detail

Not sure if I am brave enough to style it as in my first photo (inspired by Sarah Richards), but can definitely wear this dress with just a black blazer like this one.  And maybe if I feel totally crazy I can accessorize with my Prada-like banana earrings!

Green is my favorite color.  Any and all shades of green from yellowish lime green to emerald green and to almost blue, dark green.  Not to mention light (yellowish) neon green and pastel mint green! Unfortunately, in the U.S. green carries a connotation of money, envy and being sick.  Expressions like "green with envy" and "green-eyed monster" don't help either. 
For me, green is relaxing and peaceful.  Also, it's energizing.  Do colors have meanings or associations for you?

Off to the gym to shed the pounds off ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The collection is so great. The colors and especially the shape of the pieces are so brilliant!
    And your outfit looks like it is one of Sarah Richards designs. Very nice!

  2. Oh yes I love green too, it's the color of faeries, did you know that ? Colors have meaning of course and energy, green is the peace of the blue with the energy of the yellow, it's the color of the growing nature, perfect for you !
    I love your dress, and the first pics are amazing !

  3. This dress is great...hang on to can do it...Green is also my favorite...I buy too much I think..

  4. What a great dress. I really like the vibrant swirls of color.

  5. omg, i love this...thanks for sharing this. i think that's what my red outfit needed...some texture/print. your dress fits right in! hopefully you can work up to a green sweater??!


  6. Oh it's beautiful, Maya! I love green. Don't stress about gaining weight - just swim! (My solution to everything). Thinking of you, hope you're well. xox

  7. Gasp! Loving how you layered it. I thought at first it was part of the dress. Fantastic! love all your ideas for styling it.

  8. First of all~I absolutely adore the Sarah Richards x OC collection. And your dress fits in perfectly with it! What a great find!

  9. Oh, you have to style it like you pictured it. Just so perfect. Loved the inspiration photos.



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