Saturday, August 27, 2011

DIY: Stella McCartney Cloud Print Canvas Tote/Shopper

Stella McCartney cloud-print canvas shopper, out of stock
This tote (above) is from Stella McCartney's 2009 line, but somehow I just now spotted it and thought I had to make it myself.  The cloud design is by Sir Peter Blake

DIY cloud tote

What I used:
a blank canvas tote from Hobby Lobby
blue and white acrylic paints
textile medium (or, you can just purchase fabric paints and not use textile medium)
Stained by Sharpie black fabric marker
large brush
masking tape (optional)

Here is a photo tutorial step by step...
paint the background using white and light blue acrylic paints mixed with textile medium

leaving a few spots where canvas is showing through adds a bit more charm

let the paint dry for several hours
draw clouds where desired with black Sharpie fabric marker
hmm, brick wall and white clouds...  that sounds like something Magritte would paint

add a crazy red lips charm (borrowed from my daughter) to make it more surreal looking ;)
The Hobby Lobby canvas tote I used actually is a memory bag that has four clear pockets for displaying treasured photos.  I think clear pockets come very handy for organizing as well, don't you?!

clear pockets on the back side
Paint it yourself or buy it on my Etsy.


  1. love it!!!! it would be perfect to take now on the beach with me :)

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can say no more, my dear Maya.

  3. You are so clever and creative...I love seeing all that you do!



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