Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY: Metallic Tips for Cat Eye Glasses and Metallic Tip Nails

our toy cat (the only kind around here) modeling my cat-eyes

I purchased my cat eye sunglasses last year from (HotTopic brand) and was pleasantly surprised that my $10 purchase was not cheaply made. I believe it's now sold out :(
These glasses originally had no metallic tips...  After seeing Alexander Wang's version I wanted to DIY my own, but wanted my metallic tips to be temporary in case I didn't like them.  For this project I used Con-Tact paper (from Home Depot).  Con-Tact paper will stick to plastic quite strongly, but still can be peeled off if desired.  You'll also need a permanent metallic marker (mine is Elementz golden metallic from Walmart) and small scissors.    Here is my photo-tutorial.  Very easy. 

You really just need a tiny piece of Con-Tact paper (I had a whole roll left from a previous project). 

While coloring my little piece of Con-Tact paper, I noticed my nails were in terrible shape.  Why not paint my nail tips in metallic gold with the same marker?

nail tips painted with Elementz metallic marker, plus two coats of clear nailpolish

this metallic gold and clear bag is available on my Etsy for only $9

the dog said "No way! I'm not modeling these silly cat-eyes!" and almost ate them

ADR wearing Alexander Wang cat-eyes/ photo by Tommy Ton
 For more DIY ideas for sunglasses click here, here and here.

EDIT:  If you do try painting nails with a metallic permanent marker here are the steps:
1. Apply marker to your tips directly (without the basecoat). 
2. Let it dry for a few seconds.
3. Apply two coats of clear nail polish.
4. This will come off with a nail polish remover.


  1. Wow! Impressive. Wait, its a permanent marker? How do you get that off? Anyway - looks really fab!

  2. Hi Polly, are you talking about nails? Nail polish remover works on permanent markers. Thanks for your comment!

  3. i love the more squarish shape of those cat eye glasses! the gold tips are a bonus!


  4. That is a hilarious with the dog! Also the sunglasses on the "Fur-Real Friend" kitty? This is a great way to jazz up some sunglasses. I also like the idea of using the marker to paint your nails. i will have to give that a try!


  5. Oh the wonders of contact paper! I painted big flowers on the clear kind and stuck it to my blah closet doors as a temporary solution to the ugly. I love your sunglasses, looks like you were way ahead of the curve when you bought them. Great customization job!

    Also, your nails and your dog are very cute :)

  6. Wow you managed to make even sunglasses! Love the tips. The golden tip manicure is perfect.
    Such cute photos too with the cat.

  7. This is amazing. I don't know if I'm more in love with the glasses or the nails. FAB job!

  8. I was missing your wonderful tips and DIY. I haven´t found the perfect gold yet.
    Glad to be back.
    Much love my dear Maya.

  9. Clever! I think the look better than the original... a bit more tastefully subdued.

  10. OH MY this is so great..and your nails are beautiful!!

  11. It's really amazing how you're able to manage your cat to wear those glasses. It's just too bad that you're not able to make your dog wear them. LOL.



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