Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY: hardware necklaces and bracelets

 DIY hardware jewelry

Style Hurricane's necklace was certainly an inspiration for this DIY post.

Several days ago, I asked my husband (Mr. Wonderful) if he had any tools at home that would cut a metal ring.  He said "Yes, Dremel!"  He pulled it out of garage and showed me how to use it (a piece of cake!  but don't forget safety glasses).  After Mr. Wonderful observed me complete my project, he suggested I rename my blog Dremel Momma.  I don't think I'll be renaming my blog, but I do think Dremel is pretty amazing!  If you don't own this tool, I am sure any hardware store will be able to cut metal for you. 

 for the necklace I used 5" gold macrame ring from JoAnns ($0.59) and Watts A-10 thingamajig from HomeDepot- about $3 (this piece came with inserts; take the inserts out)

 using Dremel I cut couple of inches out of the ring and threaded the above mentioned thingamajig with inserts taken out

 similarly, I made this bracelet from a 3" macrame ring ($0.49); you can experiment with different bolts etc.

DIY hardware choker and bracelet
add simple wooden beads to make the sharp ends safe
wear as a simple metal choker...
...or with a thingamajig
instead of metal ring you can use waxed cord blank necklace from Walmart
waxed cord necklace strung through the bolt twice makes a pretty bracelet

this necklace (above) made with a moon-shaped ring+black ribbon+ribbon clamps, jump rings, lobster claw clasp and two nuts (optional)



  1. You make it looks so easy and these look really cool. I love the half moon one on the should make them and sell them on your site...for those of us who are not that talented when it comes to DIY!!

  2. Cute! Can't beat a $0.59 price tag!

  3. So crafty! Great idea using the macrame rings, I never would have guessed they weren't actual jewelry (and I suspect they will hold up a lot better than cheapie alternatives from mall jewelry stores).

  4. Those are so rock N em! I've seen a few shops on etsy selling simular for crazy prices. Hope you're having a great day!

  5. These are super cool and look easy as well.
    Actually you make it look easy. :)

  6. i saw a similar DIY a while ago and also thought these were fantabulous! i love the necklace in the last picture, too!


  7. Very cool and how fabulous - as per usual! You are so resourceful and artistic. Fantastic and love your thingomigig - we all need those.

  8. The golden bracelet looks absolutely fabulous!
    It's very minimalistic but also elegant. And you would never ever think that it's made out of hardware. Really great work!


    ps: I'm so envious of your hot summer!

  9. Very cool. You are the hardware queen.



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