Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY: Chanel Ombre Chain Earrings

You may have seen P.S. I Made This DIY of Chanel's ombre chain earrings?  I slightly altered Erica's tutorial and made my own super long ombre chain earrings. Erica used fishing line to thread the chain together.  I used jewelry pins (either head pin or eye pin works). 

ribbon clamps from Etsy and Blue Moon chain from JoAnns cut into 6" pieces

string your chain to the pin (it took about 8 6" pieces for each earring)

cut the pin to the desired length and round the end with needle-nose pliers

place the chain into the ribbon clamp and secure with pliers

Next, I used Krylon Flat Black spray paint (about 2 layers) to paint the bottom part.  Do this outside. Let it all dry.  Now you're ready to glue your earring posts to the back of the ribbon clamps.  Let the glue dry and VOILA!

I decided to adjust the length of each chain haphazardly to achieve the cascading look  

Chanel Spring 2011
Iosselliani Long Fringe Skull Earrings
Express Tiered Fringe Necklace


  1. made this look so easy! Beautiful way to mimic a great look.

  2. Great job. They look just like the real deal.

  3. Oh! I am in love with these. Love,love,love them!

    PS: I saw your comment about the bunnies. We got the lop-earred at tractor supply company. Once in awhile they have rabbits and they were only $5.00 a piece.

  4. I love this DIY earrings! WOW! well done. It looks so easy too! Chanel, ombre, doesn't get much better!

  5. I have missed all of this. WOW I love these too!!

  6. Cool and excellent work! I'm excited to see what other awesome ideas you have in store for us.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial! I will probably be making these soon. :)



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