Friday, July 1, 2011

Going Bananas (Prada Inspired)

Move over Miuccia Prada, here come banana earrings Soccer Mom Style! BUWAHAHAHA (evil laugh).

I stumbled upon these beautiful vintage banana  charms on Ebay back in March and just now got around making them into earrings (actually, I can't even call this DIY because I had to take the charms to our local jeweler to put holes and glue posts in).  The charms are wooden and probably hand-painted.  Beautiful yellow color with a green tip and a black line in the middle.  I'll be darned if these are not cuter than Prada (technically, I am NOT boasting because I did not actually make the charms).  I bought a lot of ten pairs of charms.  My banana earrings are available on my Etsy.  Have a great 4th of July weekend!

 banana earrings - Etsy
green top - Target, about two years ago
green skirt, striped purse and striped scarf - Goodwill
black espadrilles - Target, last year
black bracelet - Ebay, old
green sun-glasses - NY&Co, old
orange lipstick - Loreal's Volcanic #410


  1. They are adorable. I wore a fruit accessory today too (orange slice necklace). Of course I just bought mine and did not make it like you.
    You look super cool in the green outfit. The earrings totally pop!

  2. i like them a lot! they are perfect with the greens! so glad you are back to have the cutest things.

  3. You whole outfit is so PRADA. I love the bananas so much, my dear maya.
    Have a great 4th of JUly.

  4. Agree with above blogger - your whole outfit is stunningly delicious, you have an amazing sense of style and chic! (love that Target top too)

  5. Cute cheerful outfit, and the bananas add a touch of fun. Love them!

  6. They are soooooo much fun those earrings, and your whole outfit is lovely.

    I think fruit earrings are always fun. I have just bought a pair that resembles cherries but I want a real cherry pair still.

    Happy 4th of July,
    San (too lazy to switch the google account. Hey it's Sunday=lazyday.)

  7. Cute. Goes good with banana bread and banana fritters.



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