Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fruit Salad Trend

fruit jewelry available on my Etsy

If you have small children, chances are you know The Wiggles' Fruit Salad by heart.  That pesky song's been stuck in my head for days now.

Handmade (by me) blackberry dangle earrings - $4.00 on my Etsy.

Handmade necklace, watermelon slice $2.00 on my Etsy.
Watermelon slice brooch, $1.00.  Mmmm, I'm getting really hungry for watermelon right now... 

Also, you can purchase strawberry stud earrings or banana dangle earrings.


  1. Hey! I was looking around your blog and I saw that you like DIY projects! You might like my blog {live. love. craft.}, come check it out! And while you're there leave comment or follow me if you like it!

  2. very the watermelons!! you know...i miss the wiggles!! our cable has changed a bit...i think it's on a channel we no longer get...bummer :)

    oh, and great idea to try your recipe with zucchini!


  3. This is so cute! I have a little one, so I can totally relate to the wiggles...LOL

  4. Awwww...those are so sweet! I will have to check out your etsy shop. Hope all is going great for you :) oh PS: Think you'll be making any cherry earrings?

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