Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIY: metal cuff with feather trimming

 DIY feather and metal cuff bracelet styled with chain bracelet
total cost - about $7.00

I've been trying hard to stay away from the feather accessories trend (except for my DIY feather tassel necklace I have not made anything with feathers)...   That's until I saw Jill's street photo of a girl wearing Givenchy black feather and chains cuff.  As Jill said it screamed "DIY!" at us.

Nia wearing Givenchy cuff $738.50

What I used:

metal cuff by Rebel Shine (I believe I purchased mine at Walmart, but could be from any craft store;  check the link for the online option), about $4.00
black feather trimming with adhesive backing - sold at Hobby Lobby in 1 yard packages for $2.99
(don't forget your 40% off coupon when you go)
any chain bracelet you might already own (I used a chain necklace I had as a bracelet)
though this feather trimming had an adhesive  backing I used hot glue gun just to be sure (optional)

This was so easy, anybody could do it.  My cost was only about $7.00.
Cut the feather trimming to match the length of your cuff.  Peel the backing off the trimming and press against inner cuff.  You're done!  Wear it with a chain bracelet.  Does anyone have any good tips on how I could attach chain trimming to lets say metal cuff or fabric?  Using glue is messy and shows.  Any tips? 

black leather cord bracelet - Forever 21
silver spikes stretch bracelet - local boutique
rhinestone bracelet - Target, old
metal cuff with feathers - DIY

Once I got started I could not stop.  I also, embellished an old purse from Goodwill using the rest of my feather trim, zipper trim, studded trim and an old chain necklace.

this purse has handles that can easily be tacked inside and Voila! - a fancy clutch!

As I mentioned earlier my only feather project in the past was this tassel necklace below.  Now I got myself a new feather cuff, clutch...  next are feather and chain earrings ;)

blue tee and tribal clutch - Target, old
feather tassel necklace - DIY.

 Be sure to check Jill's version.  She made it with things she already had at home. 


  1. Wow! Incredible! This belongs on a runway, its brilliant!

  2. ah, yes...i did see this feather cuff before and loved it!! hmm...not sure how else you'd be able to attach the chain other than, soldering, haha.

  3. This is so cool...I am going to share the post with my young intern...I think she would love this!

  4. The black clutch is gorgeous. And so is the necklace. Actually I don't wear jewlry but this one I would definitly love to wear. Great work !


  5. That feather cuff is rocking! But I LOVE the clutch you made. I wish I was crafty like that.

  6. Awesome! It's both rockin' and glam.

  7. This turned out great. I love it.
    The clutch is cool as well.

  8. Wow! I prefer your cuff as opposed to the designer one and the cost is so much more affordable. You always amaze me with your DIY because I always love the DIY more than the designer piece. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  9. You're always so creative ! Feathers are gorgeous !

  10. The cuff looks really fantastic, I think I will try something like this myself! x

  11. maya, you are so creative and resourceful! this is definitely something i would wear. :)

  12. Incredible DIY!! You are so clever and creative!



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