Saturday, July 23, 2011

DIY: flower pin from silk flower bouquet

 thrifted straw purse with a DIY poppy pin
black leaves are simply cut out from craft felt

I have purchased several used straw clutches and purses sometime ago and was thinking of making poppy flower pins to embellish my new straw accessories (a la Chanel S/S 2010).  I was so inspired by Bromeliad's posts on making a poppy flower pin here and here, that I decided to try for myself.  Bromeliad made hers from scratch. I am not as skilled, so I cheated using Hobby Lobby poppy bouquets (purchased with a coupon printed from their website).  I was so pleased to see different kinds of poppy flowers at Hobby Lobby (this purchase was made about a month ago). 

There are two ways you can do this.
First (easier) way is just to leave all that plastic stuff in the middle of the pin.  That however came out looking bulky.  So I decided to take the flower apart and then re-assemble it gluing or sewing petals together and making my own middle part (whatchamacallit it?).  Actually, it took petals of three flowers to make one fluffy flower pin.
Here is my photo-tutorial...

Disassemble and then reassemble silk flowers' petals leaving out all the hard plastic parts.  Sew or glue petals back together.

Cut a small oval or a circle from a sheet of black felt with self-adhesive backing.  Peel the backing and attach your black felt oval to the back of your flower.  Glue your metal pin to the felt piece.  As you see, I am hopelessly messy working with glue, so I covered up my mess with another piece of black felt. 

Now the back of your flower pin is ready.  
To make the front middle of the flower (whatchamacallit?), I cut out (once again) a round piece of black felt.  For "eyelashes" I used some leftover black fringe cut up in about 2" pieces (or you can use any heavy black thread).  Then glued "eyelashes" first, followed with round felt.  

Bromeliad's breathtaking DIY poppy pins she made from scratch


  1. oh wow, I always wondered how the was done. I love it. thanks for the DIY

  2. this is a great addition to the straw bags! i have a straw beach bag that needs some embellishments!


  3. What a great idea! This is a great addition to a straw bag. I've been wanting to get a flower pin to put on my denim jacket, maybe I could just do a DIY. Thanks for the little tutorial!


  4. The purses came out great. Very spring.

  5. great diy, I remember that Chanel made something similar to that.

  6. Beautiful! For those of us who are not crafty as you using fabric flowers is a great idea. Will make one of my own!
    I just posted some photos of my recent vintage findings, if you want to take a peek. Hugs!

  7. The flowers are just perfect for summer! x

  8. Hey, thanks for the shout out. Love how your poppy turned out. And if you're making your own "eyelashes", I'd say those are pretty much poppies from scratch.

  9. So cute! I still have fake orchids I planned to turn into a barette that I haven't gotten to yet



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