Saturday, June 25, 2011

Proenza-like rope/cord DIY

 vintage kelly-style bag with Proenza-like handle available on my Etsy

I am secretly hoping I won't sell this purse so that I can actually use it myself.  I'm pretty pleased how it turned out (if I do say so myself). 
The old handle looked pretty sad.  However, I could NOT not buy the purse itself for its beautiful shape and color (bought it at Goodwill of course).  


To update the handle I used blue bungee cord (Lowe's), neon orange rope (any hardware store would have these in various colors), neon orange flat shoe lace (not pictured below, but I bought it at Walmart), bright yellow embroidery floss...  (you'll also need masking tape, lighter and hot glue gun).  

I ended up not using the blue embroidery floss pictured above.  Instead I used blue cord from this kids crafting set from Hobby Lobby:

I think the photos below are pretty much self-explanatory.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Every summer my parents bring my little (well, not so little anymore) nephews (three boys!) down from New Jersey for about 2-3 weeks (they stay with my folks, which is very close to our house).  We celebrate 4th of July together and it has become our favorite yearly tradition.  The other day, we did a little impromptu entertaining Jackson Pollock style.  Kids wanted to paint on the sidewalk, but unfortunately I was out of sidewalk paint.  I used two sets of WASHABLE craft paint from Walmart (about $5 each set).  They just squirted and splattered paint all over the sidewalk and seemed to really-really enjoy themselves.  

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