Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Saw the Light (the Neon Light)

I've been totally obsessed with neon colors lately.  Especially in combination with neutral colors and different textures like wood, straw, canvas.  Also, it's fun combining neon with tribal accents.  Not to mention all the juicy neon nail polish that's out there (I'm partial to cheap old Sinful Colors).

I bought this cute little neutral vintage purse at... (you guessed it!) Goodwill.  Its handle was in a terrible shape, so I decided to make an updated handle.  The new handle sort of reminds of Proenza cord and rope bracelets.  I used blue bungee cord (from Lowe's), various other cords in neon colors, and also neon yellow embroidery floss.  This purse is now available on my Etsy.  Please check it out!

available from my Etsy store Georgia Blue Boutique

Also, I had this pair of Forever 21 neutral peep-toe lace-ups (U.S. size 9M).  I updated the laces using sightly darker neutral ribbon from Michael's and painted the soles in almost greenish neon yellow (neon yellow acrylic paint + little bit of apple green).  This DIY project was very similar to my Louboutin red sole DIY.

available from my Etsy store Georgia Blue Boutique

Stumbled upon these neon orange jelly gladiator sandals at....  Goodwill a few weeks ago.  These already SOLD, but still wanted to show you here.


Please visit me on Etsy and spread the word.  You'll find adorable vintage purses, shoes, belts, scarves, jewelry.  I will be soon adding my own handmade too. 

EDIT: here is a picture of an old handle for my "kelly" bag:

I Saw the Light - Johnny Cash (I also like Bill Monroe's rendition, but could not find it on YouTube).
I saw the light, I saw the light.  No more darkness, no more night!


  1. GENIUS!!!! Love it all!!

  2. That is a cute purse handle. I love the idea of spray painting the soles for a flash of color. That is brilliant.
    Will check out your etsy store.

  3. i love the neon soles...neutrals and neons are hot right now!

  4. You always have the best ideas--I love what you did with the handle on the purse!!!

  5. Love both of your projects. Move over, Louboutin.

  6. I'm gonna give this a try and post it on my blog! xoxo



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