Thursday, June 16, 2011

DIY: painted armor knuckle ring

This is a second part of my yesterday's DIY.  This step is totally optional and unnecessary.   
Simply stated, spray paint with white primer, spray paint in metallic gold, sand with fine sand paper (of course allowing to dry after each step).

Do you like my nails?  I thought that neon yellow was a bit too bright, so I improvised using Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic to create the look above.  Left my toe-nails bright yellow though.

Both pictures (above and below) are taken before I cleaned up the mess around my nails.  I usually paint my nails at night.  Then in the morning, I gently rub them with a washcloth in the shower. 

neon yellow - Sinful Colors' Neon Melon from Walgreen's ($1.99)


  1. That is a cool ring.
    I LOOOOVE the neon tip manicure. Yeah by itself the color is a bit screaming but as tips it looks great. So, I was trying to get a similar look with green and pink at my salon using colored gel polish. The new girl messed it up and I ended with all green but at least they didn't charge me. I do plan to get my two toned nails soon. I might just try it at home myself too and see how it goes.

  2. I love the ring so much, and what to say about the nails, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Besos and superb weekend.

  3. Incredibly cool - and love your nailpolish. You are so hip - I always stick to boring orange - but you've inspired me to try neon now...

  4. this DIY is awesome, i'm visiting my dad this weekend and might have to ask him to make me one!! and i think the gold spray paint looks amazing. love your manicure too, the nails turned out amazing. thanks for your comment <3shelby



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