Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a case of the blues

Came across these beautiful shorts with blue china print at Goodwill the other day.  Of course the shorts followed me home.  I wore them with my old blue and white striped top from Target and neutral accessories.  

blue china print shorts and neutral clutch - Goodwill
striped top - Target
sleeveless neutral vest - New York & Co.
neutral wedges - Ross
wooden bangles - JoAnns with neon yellow painted by me

Also, purchased this Asian blue coat-dress with golden characters on it.  Not sure yet how to style it...

blue decorative rope with a tassel from JoAnns as a belt (or use it as a necklace)
coat-dress and shorts - Goodwill

Walmart denim ballet flats with thrifted ear-clips as shoe-clips

Vivienne Tam tie-dye top - Stein Mart (last year)

How about you, do you like blue china prints?  I wonder if the trend was inspired by Li Xiaofeng's work - Beijing artist who creates clothing pieces from traditional Chinese ceramics.

an excellent trend report from Style File

see more works by Li Xiaofeng here


  1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. So glad to see your'e back!!
    Im my post I write about housemaids and how much we should appreaciate their work. In middle-class Mexico families have part-time maids if they can afford it. Since most women work outside home and many of them are parents to more than two children, this is a necessity, not a luxury :) And in the post before I tell that my birthday wish is to look like Salma Hayek! ;D

  2. never came across this print, so i'm not sure how i'd wear it...but i'm thinking solid camel or browns might be an option so as not to take away from the delicate print. love those shoes on the inspiration board and the tory burch bag!

  3. Glad to see that you're back to blogging! I think that the coat-dress would look great tucked into a black pencil skirt (if the coat-dress isn't too long).

    I have that exact same shirt from Target, I look forward to seeing it on your blog from time to time for more styling inspiration.

  4. I have been pretty much obsessed with patterned shorts for the summer. I've been fixated on the sweater and t-shirt racks at thrift stores looking for patterns to make into shorts. Love the versitility of the china print!

  5. Wow! I love the parallel that you drew here. Xiaofeng's work is stunning and I love how you reflect it through your outfit! What a great post!

  6. Beautiful post in a blue mood ! I'm in love with tie and dye, can't explain why !



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