Thursday, May 5, 2011

shoe DIY collaboration

Sara of Short of Something blog (who btw, is like my style twin) and i decided it would be fun to do a shoe collaboration together. 
i wanted a two-tone shoe; i found my gray suede wedges at DSW, and here is how they looked originally.

i first, removed the ruffle.  then, taped the half of each shoe off with masking tape and spray-painted the other half.  i have to admit: spray-painting shoes was not easy.  i actually, tried silver glitter spray first.

honestly, i now regret not following my instincts and changing the glitter look.  but, it is what it is; and here's how i styled my gray and brown two-toned wedges...

the photos are taken a couple months ago...  two-tone drapey sleeveless top from Ann Taylor Loft over some long-sleeved black shirt.  black pleated skirt thrifted from Goodwill and also seen in this post.  black coat is a last year's purchase from Essex Outlet here locally (actually, i removed the original black buttons and attached the ones you see in the picture). 

as i mentioned above, spray-painting was not easy.  but i was able to fix problems with a black sharpie.

BEFORE applying sharpie

more crisp lines AFTER applying sharpie

i love Sara's version.  please check it out here.  they are super chic.

Sara's beautiful two for one shoes

my inspiration: Jeffrey Campbell two-tone Marlot wedges from Urban Outfitters.


  1. Bravo to you for even attempting this!! I think they look great and I never would have known it was even possible! I agree the version with the ties is really cute...thanks for sharing everything you went through in creating a new look!

  2. If I ever get brave enough, I will definitely be spray painting some shoes. And I never would have thought about fixing the spray paint with a Sharpie! Those things are great for everything!

    I love how the look you've created around the shoes really lets them steal the show.

  3. ooooh im loving these. I have to dig through my throw away pile and find some shoes to paint!

  4. Beautiful DIY ! You always find wonderful ideas !



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