Monday, May 9, 2011

My Georgia Monday

as promised, i am starting a new series of posts called My Georgia.  in these series i will try to be "short and sweet", and entertaining (and hopefully educational).  i want to make it really easy read.
for the first post, i decided to introduce you to the unique Georgian language through an old Georgian folk song.  Georgian may not flow as smooth as English in a song, but what better way to introduce culture than through music - the universal language?
Mokhevis Kalo Tinao performed by Georgian-American artist Ilusha Tsinadze.  his CD will be released on May 15, 2011.  the song, is actually, a modern interpretation of an old Georgian folk song.  it goes something like this:
oh, Tina, a girl from Mokhevi,
please teach me the way to your house.
either give me your address,
or follow me to my home.
all your girlfriends have gotten married,
why are you just staying home all day?

Ilusha's website:
about Ilusha:  The Young Georgians
Ilusha on FB: Ilusha Tsinadze
his band of FB: Ilusha's music

sorry for the poor translation, i'm taking Louie (our new puppy) for his dr. check up and heading out the door, as soon as i finish typing.


  1. So fantastic, my dear Maya.

  2. That's cool.:)Bella

  3. Dear Maya, I liked Illusha's and his group's performance a lot! I'll certainly try to continue following your links.

  4. Fascinating as this is not a country i am familiar with. What is the language similar to? All your girlfriends have got married, why are you staying home all day, that's kind of sad...

  5. this is fantastic....i actually like the song. i really don't mind folk music, so i enjoyed this. thanks for sharing!

  6. That is a lovely song.
    I like the lyrics as you translated... :)


  7. Will head back soon for some more on this fascinating country. Love your comment on my Barcelona post. yes went to Picasso Museum, all his very early work which was incredible - his paintings at just aged 13 are astounding.



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