Friday, May 6, 2011

Coach wristlet and Kreativ Blogger Award

first, i wanted to show off my new Coach wristlet that i won in Jody's giveaway.  isn't it perfect for this summer?  i can't wait to style it with a Prada-like striped outfit!  thanks so much Jody!  i am not the only one in the family who likes it.  the wristlet actually went suddenly missing.  after searching for it for several days, i finally asked my 5-year old daughter if she knew anything about it.  "oh, you mean your new rainbow purse?" - she said and went to her room to retrieve it.

also, back in April, oomph has kindly awarded me a Kreativ Blogger award.  thank you, oomph.  i am supposed to share 10 facts about myself.  here are just random things about me that come to mind.  and also, since i've been meaning to make a few announcements for some time now, i'm going to include them in this list.

1.  not that you can tell by the way i look, but i would much rather have a juicy peach than a handful (or a bagful for that matter) of M&M's or any other candy.  now, if you put a bowl of hot peach cobbler in front of me with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top - it will definitely be gone in no time, but generally speaking I don't crave sweets.  love spicy Mexican food, though.

2.  i will be 40 this September...  just another reason to celebrate, yeah!

3.  i would like to start a new series of posts called My Georgia possibly every Monday.  as many of you know, i am originally from the country of Georgia.  so often till this day people, who meet me for the first time, have no idea what or where Georgia (the country) is.  some shake their heads in disbelieve as if saying "no, you ain't from Georgia!  you don't speak like you're from the South".  but i do have very authentic Georgian accent and it gets so frustrating at times to keep explaining, that there really is a country called Georgia.  some say "you mean you're from Germany?!"  the only thing common between Georgia and Germany is that they both start with a letter "G".  so i though i would really enjoy posting random facts about Georgia, about Georgian culture, language, music, art, etc.  and hopefully, you will enjoy reading them.

4.  back to my September birthday...  have you heard that Missoni and Target collaboration will be ready in September?!  i know what to ask for my birthday!

5.  couple weeks ago, we adopted a new puppy, Louie.  we are all in love with him, and seems like he is crazy about his new pack as well.  his mother is a black lab.  his father- possibly a cocker spaniel.  turns out, Louie's favorite thing is chewing on my flip flops.  so i HAD to go to Old Navy to stock up on the new ones.  this time i bought bright blue, gray, green and orange.  in my workings days wearing flip-flops out was a big no-no.  but, as a Soccer Mom now, i can't resist.  it gets too hot here in the summer.

my little soccer pup

6.  what else... this is getting hard...  update on my health... the wisdom teeth extraction surgery did not help my pain.  if you're wondering, i've had some mysterious facial nerve pain that feels like a toothache and switches sides.  i've been first diagnosed with facial neuralgia (called atypical facial pain), then with migraines, then back to neuralgia.  i've gone to see good doctors, but am loosing faith in traditional medicine.  i've also tried several non-traditional approaches, but nothing seems to work for me.  my body is just too stubborn as is my mind ;)  part of Saturday and all Sunday i've spent in pain as i ran out my medication (i take Maxalt for pain).  my insurance only allows me a certain amount of pills and sometimes they don't last me till the next refill.  finally, Monday morning pain went away on it's own (seems like i have 72 hour flare ups).  it felt so good not to hurt...   like sunshine finally coming out after long rainy days.  sorry, i'm giving you too much personal info you didn't ask for, but this is unfortunately big part of my life now.

7.  i have a hubby and two precious kids: 7 and 5 1/2. 

8.  love painting and anything art related.  have you ever heard of Pirosmaninaive or primitivist artist from Georgia.

9.  i'm a glass is always half-full type person.  what kind are you?

10.  i prefer hot tea to iced tea.  how about you?


  1. I love the wristlet congrats on winning it and the Kreativ Blogger Awar! I love the idea of the My Georgia posts - of course I'm hoping for some recipes ;)

  2. Love that wristlet. For a second there I thought you had DIY post to re-create it.
    You are going to love using that, what a great win.
    And congrats on the award, totally deserving.

    I am a glass half full type person and my husband is a half empty type. Go figure.


  3. i would love to hear about georgia! and you actually have three kids, now! pups really are like babies! sorry to hear you are experiencing so much pain...hope they are able to diagnose and treat the symptoms. my glass is usually half-full :)

  4. the wrist purse is cute- congrats!
    i enjoyed reading your "10 things" list, maya. louie is adorable.
    seems a sad state of affairs when people haven't heard of georgia, the country. time to educate- the "my georgia" is a great idea. :)
    sorry to hear about your chronic facial pain. i hope it doesn't return!
    and thanks for the comment; you should definitely make a canvas and ribbon bag. :)

  5. Congrats!.Awesome dog's pics:)

  6. Thanks for the shout out! Can't wait to see you pairing it with prada, your outfits are always the best! The pups is gorgeous!



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