Monday, May 16, 2011

Please bear with me while I sort through some health and personal issues.  So sorry, but I need to stop blogging temporarily.  I hope to come back healthy and strong.  I'll miss you and thanks for understanding.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Georgia Monday

as promised, i am starting a new series of posts called My Georgia.  in these series i will try to be "short and sweet", and entertaining (and hopefully educational).  i want to make it really easy read.
for the first post, i decided to introduce you to the unique Georgian language through an old Georgian folk song.  Georgian may not flow as smooth as English in a song, but what better way to introduce culture than through music - the universal language?
Mokhevis Kalo Tinao performed by Georgian-American artist Ilusha Tsinadze.  his CD will be released on May 15, 2011.  the song, is actually, a modern interpretation of an old Georgian folk song.  it goes something like this:
oh, Tina, a girl from Mokhevi,
please teach me the way to your house.
either give me your address,
or follow me to my home.
all your girlfriends have gotten married,
why are you just staying home all day?

Ilusha's website:
about Ilusha:  The Young Georgians
Ilusha on FB: Ilusha Tsinadze
his band of FB: Ilusha's music

sorry for the poor translation, i'm taking Louie (our new puppy) for his dr. check up and heading out the door, as soon as i finish typing.

DIY: various stud earrings

Happy Mother's Day!

this was supposed to be posted yesterday (on Mother's Day), but we lost internet connection.  everything seems back to normal today...
Happy Mother's Day to all moms and grandmoms out there!  i have an awesome mom who deserves a separate post, but i wanted to dedicate today's post to my friend Susan, who lost her daughter Carol to cancer two years ago.  Carol loved dragonflies, so i made her mom (Susan) these dragonfly earrings.

all earrings below are made from buttons purchased at JoAnn's (with button shanks removed, and posts glued with E6000 glue), and are available from my Esty and Ebay for $4 plus the shipping. 

 green dragonfly stud earrings

red strawberry stud earrings (perfect for the fruit trend)

acorn earrings below were inspired by Kate Middleton's coat of arms and the earrings she wore for the wedding.  golden finish (handpainted) referring to Kate's mother's maiden name: Goldsmith.

People magazine double issue May 16, 2011

Kate Middleton Coat of Arms (

if your kids are still little, chances are you have this book called Mommies Are for Counting Stars.  it is my favorite mommy book (given to us by a family member).  looking for a sweet little something for your hubby from kids?  how about a book called Daddies Are for Catching Fireflies?  Both books are lift-the-flap and my kids love both.  for Father's Day i also recommend a book called Hey, Daddy: Animal Fathers and Their Babies.  we have all three, and i highly recommend them.  email me if you want to see inside the pages pics.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Coach wristlet and Kreativ Blogger Award

first, i wanted to show off my new Coach wristlet that i won in Jody's giveaway.  isn't it perfect for this summer?  i can't wait to style it with a Prada-like striped outfit!  thanks so much Jody!  i am not the only one in the family who likes it.  the wristlet actually went suddenly missing.  after searching for it for several days, i finally asked my 5-year old daughter if she knew anything about it.  "oh, you mean your new rainbow purse?" - she said and went to her room to retrieve it.

also, back in April, oomph has kindly awarded me a Kreativ Blogger award.  thank you, oomph.  i am supposed to share 10 facts about myself.  here are just random things about me that come to mind.  and also, since i've been meaning to make a few announcements for some time now, i'm going to include them in this list.

1.  not that you can tell by the way i look, but i would much rather have a juicy peach than a handful (or a bagful for that matter) of M&M's or any other candy.  now, if you put a bowl of hot peach cobbler in front of me with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top - it will definitely be gone in no time, but generally speaking I don't crave sweets.  love spicy Mexican food, though.

2.  i will be 40 this September...  just another reason to celebrate, yeah!

3.  i would like to start a new series of posts called My Georgia possibly every Monday.  as many of you know, i am originally from the country of Georgia.  so often till this day people, who meet me for the first time, have no idea what or where Georgia (the country) is.  some shake their heads in disbelieve as if saying "no, you ain't from Georgia!  you don't speak like you're from the South".  but i do have very authentic Georgian accent and it gets so frustrating at times to keep explaining, that there really is a country called Georgia.  some say "you mean you're from Germany?!"  the only thing common between Georgia and Germany is that they both start with a letter "G".  so i though i would really enjoy posting random facts about Georgia, about Georgian culture, language, music, art, etc.  and hopefully, you will enjoy reading them.

4.  back to my September birthday...  have you heard that Missoni and Target collaboration will be ready in September?!  i know what to ask for my birthday!

5.  couple weeks ago, we adopted a new puppy, Louie.  we are all in love with him, and seems like he is crazy about his new pack as well.  his mother is a black lab.  his father- possibly a cocker spaniel.  turns out, Louie's favorite thing is chewing on my flip flops.  so i HAD to go to Old Navy to stock up on the new ones.  this time i bought bright blue, gray, green and orange.  in my workings days wearing flip-flops out was a big no-no.  but, as a Soccer Mom now, i can't resist.  it gets too hot here in the summer.

my little soccer pup

6.  what else... this is getting hard...  update on my health... the wisdom teeth extraction surgery did not help my pain.  if you're wondering, i've had some mysterious facial nerve pain that feels like a toothache and switches sides.  i've been first diagnosed with facial neuralgia (called atypical facial pain), then with migraines, then back to neuralgia.  i've gone to see good doctors, but am loosing faith in traditional medicine.  i've also tried several non-traditional approaches, but nothing seems to work for me.  my body is just too stubborn as is my mind ;)  part of Saturday and all Sunday i've spent in pain as i ran out my medication (i take Maxalt for pain).  my insurance only allows me a certain amount of pills and sometimes they don't last me till the next refill.  finally, Monday morning pain went away on it's own (seems like i have 72 hour flare ups).  it felt so good not to hurt...   like sunshine finally coming out after long rainy days.  sorry, i'm giving you too much personal info you didn't ask for, but this is unfortunately big part of my life now.

7.  i have a hubby and two precious kids: 7 and 5 1/2. 

8.  love painting and anything art related.  have you ever heard of Pirosmaninaive or primitivist artist from Georgia.

9.  i'm a glass is always half-full type person.  what kind are you?

10.  i prefer hot tea to iced tea.  how about you?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

shoe DIY collaboration

Sara of Short of Something blog (who btw, is like my style twin) and i decided it would be fun to do a shoe collaboration together. 
i wanted a two-tone shoe; i found my gray suede wedges at DSW, and here is how they looked originally.

i first, removed the ruffle.  then, taped the half of each shoe off with masking tape and spray-painted the other half.  i have to admit: spray-painting shoes was not easy.  i actually, tried silver glitter spray first.

honestly, i now regret not following my instincts and changing the glitter look.  but, it is what it is; and here's how i styled my gray and brown two-toned wedges...

the photos are taken a couple months ago...  two-tone drapey sleeveless top from Ann Taylor Loft over some long-sleeved black shirt.  black pleated skirt thrifted from Goodwill and also seen in this post.  black coat is a last year's purchase from Essex Outlet here locally (actually, i removed the original black buttons and attached the ones you see in the picture). 

as i mentioned above, spray-painting was not easy.  but i was able to fix problems with a black sharpie.

BEFORE applying sharpie

more crisp lines AFTER applying sharpie

i love Sara's version.  please check it out here.  they are super chic.

Sara's beautiful two for one shoes

my inspiration: Jeffrey Campbell two-tone Marlot wedges from Urban Outfitters.

Monday, May 2, 2011

caramel shorts and black stripes (plus embellished straw purse DIY)

 Marie Claire/ May 2011 p. 70

i find it difficult to identify  the color of my shorts below.  it's not mustard, it's not camel; i guess i could say it's caramel?

striped tee - old from F21
black cardi - old 
caramel shorts - thrifted from Goodwill
espadrille wedges - thrifted from Goodwill (Target brand)
straw purse - thrifted from Goodwill with DIY embellishment
straw hat - Walmart from several years ago

earrings - thrifted from Goodwill
tribal necklace - Gay Boyer, thrifted from a local antiques shop for $2-3
bracelet - old from F21
rings - last year's from Target

about the necklace...  i had no idea what Gay Boyer was, but i just discovered that's the maker of my tribal necklace (above) purchased last year and seen here.

about the straw purse...  thrifted last year from Goodwill for $1 (brand new with original tags on it) and also, seen in this post...  just needed a little something to make it my own. 

black felt flower pin - Walmart
5"x5" piece of craft felt in black

embellishmet hand-stitched to the purse (this way i can easily remove it, if need to change)
inspired by Kate Spade's straw tote:


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