Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the existential housewife (DIY: book-clutch)

i could not easily decide on a name for my book-clutch.  among the titles i considered were: my favorite Georgian author, Vazha-Pshavela's Aluda Ketelauri, Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown or The Birthmark, Bonhoeffer's The Cost of Discipleship, or something of Dostoevsky...
finally, i decided Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus reflects best my current state:  a housewife trapped in a sisyphean curse of domesticity...  talk about a conversation piece.  what would you name your book-clutch?

what i used (all supplies from Joanns):
pappier-mache book
black and gold acrylic paints
bronze paint ( i used Lumiere)
paint crackle
black sharpie
contact paper and xacto knife to make a stencil for my title

first, i applied black acrylic paint.  after it dried, applied a layer of One Step Crackle.  and finally, a layer of Lumiere in bronze. 

inside the clutch is painted in gold acrylic.

using contact paper, xacto knife and black paint i stenciled my title to the cover...  also, drew a Greek pattern with a black sharpie. 

oh, yeah, i think Waiting for Godot would have made a good book-clutch title for me as well...  ;)
see Kate Spade's book-clutches here.


  1. Hi, Maya! Hope you're well. I should do a project like this for my boys! Their sorting system involves sandwich bags. This would be cool! If I did one for myself, I don't know what I'd name it. I like mysteries, quirky stories, and classics. Jonathan Saffran Foer has a book "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." That sounds like me :D
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  2. So cute and creative as always, Maya! I love the title you chose too, very apropos :)

  3. cute! i've never seen these paper mache books! hmm...not sure what i'd name mine, that would take some thought!

  4. What a cute idea & fun DIY! It looks great and is a perfect conversation piece!

  5. Really cool, that is the ultimate conversation piece. Yes would have to agree Waiting for Godot would be a good one for me, as you already know the conversations I have to endure on the road trips skiing every weekend. Also No Exit, French existential...

  6. This is amazing. You are amazing!
    Waiting for Godot totally describes life with my newly minted 3 year old's solid entrance into the "Why?" stage.

  7. Wow! So trendy! And "a housewife trapped in a sisyphean curse of domesticity" describes a lot of us ;D

  8. Oh brilliant!! It reminds me a bit of when you see in movies poeple cut sections out of big books to hide things in x

  9. What an awesome idea. You did a great job on this and it looks so cute!

  10. oh my gosh I love this idea. Genius!



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