Monday, April 18, 2011

DIY: red duct-tape striped nautical wedges with rope bows

ahoy, me hearties!  here is me latest DIY project: canvas espadrille wedges (bought at Ross) with red duct-tape stripes, rope bows and jute (or jute-like?) trimming.

what i used:
canvas wedges from Ross (had to buy two pairs since they were relatively inexpensive; the other pair was used to make my cherry shoes)
one 8.25"x10" red duct tape sheet (by Duck brand)
off white decorative rope - about a yard
jute or jute-like trimming (not sure what it really is) - about 1.5 yards
four round wooden beads
hot glue gun, masking tape, scissors, cutting board, xacto knife and a ruler
(all supplies and tools from JoAnns)

i first, cut my duct-tape sheet in 3/4" wide stripes.  then, applied stripes to the shoes as pictured above.

gently trim the excess tape using xacto knife (be careful not to cut into a shoe). 

next, i hot glued my trimming around the shoe using tips from Jessica of What I Wore.  her tips were: not to use too much glue; and start and finish on the inside of the shoe using a diagonal cut to hide the start/stop point (as shown above).

now, it's time to make those rope bows.  before you cut, tape the area you're cutting with masking tape (as shown below):

tie the decorative rope into two bows.  apply small amount of hot glue inside the beads and attach to each end (leaving masking tape on); and then hot glue or hand stitch the finished bows to the front of each shoe.

make sure to cover inside of your shoe with stripes all the way to avoid this:
please vote: chic or geek?  (i'm relatively thick-skinned)

since i forgot to take "before" pictures, i searched online and found a photo of what my shoes looked like originally.  i love the look of just natural canvas, but the problem is i already own three pairs of beige wedges...

Naturalizer espadrille wedges at Famous Footwear (i bought mine at Ross)

also, after i had already posted this DIY, i remembered seeing a picture of Blondie in a dress that looks as if it had red duct tape on it.  of course, if you are Debbie Harry you can rock that or even a garbage-bag costume for that matter.  no problem!

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  1. i'd say CHIC and i would never guess these were made out of duct tape. Girl you go!

  2. This is fantastic!! I love these shoes so much!!

  3. Of course chic!! Another fabulous DIY xx

  4. These are so cute! What a great idea using duct tape!

  5. I am not missing any of your DIY any more, ahhhhhhhh how fantastic are they. I vote an absolute CHIC!!!!

  6. definitely chic! fabulous idea, maya!

  7. Awesome. Perfect for spring and so creative.

  8. I can't believe this is duct tape!!! I love nautical inspired looks. Actually...just posted about a blue and white striped shirt today ;-)

  9. CHIC! These are fantastic and I would never have guessed they were made with duct tape.

  10. Maya, you never cease to amaze me! These are great. I hope you're doing well!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  11. I don't know who did Debbie's dress but I'd love to find out!

  12. What a cute idea! Thats awesome you have the guts to try things like this, I'd be to scared that I'd mess it up. They're so cute!

  13. Really really cool, what a great use of duct tape! These are so amazing, they look very Marc Jacobs and fun. Now for the summer to roll in!

  14. Oh my god ! Another stunning DIY !!

  15. okay, this is so unbelievably cool! i wanna try this. though i suck at doing meticulous things. but i love this! duct-tape is really the coolest. i made a check cover and a purse out of some!

    Claire @

  16. This is just amazing. How on earth are you coming up with these ideas is beyond me.
    I truly admire your creativity and talent.
    These shoes came out soooo adorable.

  17. @ Fashion Confessions of a Mommy:
    Thanks, Daphne! I really appreciate your sweet comment. I guess it's like standing in front of a speeding bus for me.... Ideas just hit me. Serious! Glad you liked this.

  18. Maya - Im going to be featuring these in my Saturday Bookmark Post.


  19. Great reinvention! and the wedges are naturalizer - what a great find! :)

  20. Yay I'm so glad you posted this! So sorry it took me so long to check out...I'm definitely going to tweet this, and facebook it!

  21. you are brilliant!  I looooooove these! 

  22.  Thank you Chely, I still wear these. 
    Do you have a blog?



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