Thursday, April 14, 2011

DIY: Alexander McQueen inspired minaudieres

thanks so much for all who watched the video and/or commented on my previous post.   it means a lot to me.  i feel like so many people here still have no clue what went on (and goes on) in the former USSR.

but back to vanity now...
i seem to be obsessed with minaudieres currently.  the question is:  how in the world can i make these little beauties fit my lifestyle of a busy soccer mom?!  shall i carry one around to my daughter's soccer practice or to my son's baseball game? or perhaps to the grocery store?  hmm...

nails - Sinful Color's See You Soon + Wet n Wild's Party of Five Glitters

skull ring - DIY (skull charm glued to a blank ring)
how i did it:
for this project i bought three sun-glass cases from Ross.  the one with faux snake skin was only $0.49 due to some minor blemishes inside the case.  blank rings are from JoAnns (same as the ones used in my armor ring DIY).  also, i used inexpensive thrifted brooches, skull charms from an old Walmart bracelet; red crystals, green and silver beads for eyes.  just glued everything together with E-6000 glue.

using plier-snips cut the back of the brooch

glue two (or three) rings to the case, face down; then add brooch and/or charms

old skull charms, red crystals, random green and silver beads

using E6000 glue i attached small beads to the back of charms for eyes
see similar minaudieres made by Erica of Honestly WTF and Kristen of  Studs and Pearls.

Alexander McQueen skull knuckle duster whipsnake clutch


  1. As usual great DIY outputs. I love the one with skulls and you model it perfectly with that amazing manicure. But totally agree not sure when and how these would fit into my lifestyle either.

  2. good grief, maya! your inventiveness holds no boundaries! super cool idea. thanks for sharing your creativity! xo

  3. Really great Maya.. I was just looking at some Alexander McQueen, things Great job!!

  4. love love love this!!!! Will have to pick these things up next time I go to Michaels!

  5. My dear Maya, what you do is so fantastic, and exactly what I mean. You are inspired, and an inspiration to all of us with your creations.
    I missed so much of your recent post.
    Somehow I must have deleted your blog, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I thought you had stopped blogging.
    I am making sure you are back on the blogrooll, my friend.
    I have missed you.

  6. OMG, this DIY is so fabulous. great crafty pieces. they are so much fun. and i can't stop staring at your nails. they looks great!

    Claire @

  7. You have really been killing it lately with the DIYs Maya! These are all great, and I think you should totally rock them for every-day activities.

    I've got to try Party of Five Glitters with another color underneath. I have only tried it on bare nails, and after 5 coats there was still too much nail showing through for my magpie tastes. Is the color you used underneath a navy shade?

  8. Oh Maya, what a treat to lounge around in bed on a Sunday morning - my husband in a burst of domesticity, having already been out and brought home the papers, brought me a cup of tea! - and to finally sit down and catch up on your blog. (My post on Ashish's pins reminded me of you).

    These are brilliant. Like everyone's said, your creativity and inventiveness and skill.. listen if you want to do something like an etsy shop, I'd love to do your branding. Seriously: you could do a whole line of these alone. I can't believe they're sunglass cases!

    Sorry so long - it's been a while and I virtually miss you! ; ) x

  9. so cute, i love this idea. i'm adding this to my growing list of DIYs to try! your nails are perfect as well! i passed you an award a few posts back. feel free to check it if you are interested :)

  10. You continue to amaze me. These are fantastic! I agree that you could do a whole line of these.

  11. I'm so happy to be back to your blog ! What a wonderful DIY !!! I looooove what you did with this Mc Queen inspiration, so glam-rock !

  12. How cool. And now I have a new word (I never knew what those little clutches are called.)

  13. Have spent many hours looking at that Mc Queen purse in magazines and yours are very bit as good. Love the green, really cool and the rings too

  14. Love this post!!! You really nailed the McQueen one with the skull rings… I just came across this post from your comment on Honestly..WTF, and I'm so happy I did!! Great blog!! I will definitely be checking in now and again :)
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes
    ^Follow the link to come visit my style blog too…!



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