Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Leprechaun Day!!!

Nina co-designed this shirt.  when she saw me drawing this in my sketch book, she asked for light green polka dots on a hat.  i thought that added a rather nice touch.

i rarely get to paint anything for Cordell anymore.  he thinks he is a big boy :( 
i tried to make his giant shamrock look distressed or "vintage" ;)  so, i don't think it looks too cutesy for a boy.  and the main thing: Cordell loves it and wears it! 

shirts are painted with fabric paint.  solid green tee from Target ($4.99) and a white one from Walmart ($3-5).  check out my Etsy store for more designs. 


  1. so cute. Love that you shamrocked it up.

  2. How cute is that girl tee. You are just so talented.

  3. Aw, Maya.. you are so joyful, so talented. I had totally forgotten it was St. Patrick's Day until someone - Stephanie from Style Odyssey? - mentioned it. It's strange: it's observed more in the USA than the UK for some reason.

    It's late here and I actually woke up to do some photography and to post, and I was thinking that I hadn't visited you (or not nearly enough other friends) for a while, and your sweet comment the other day. You asked if my grandmother wasn't perhaps Georgian, too. I bet someone was.. or we're related somehow. Your son is so cute and he looks a lot like my cousin Adam's son Ollie. Either way, even if we're not genetically family, we're some kind of family.

    That painting you did makes me smile! Have a lovely weekend. xox

  4. Really really cute - love these pics. Sounds like you had a great day!



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