Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY: maltese cross cuff

last year i purchased a beautiful maltese cross from a local antiques shop for pennies.  it seemed to be a pendant in its prior life, but the hoop was broken.  i knew i had to save it and give it a new life (upcycling is so much like God's grace and His love of all things, even blemished, damaged and broken).  i suppose i could somehow attach this pendant to a black silky ribbon and wear it as a necklace?  or even make a brooch out of it...  however, i decided i would get more use out of a bracelet/cuff.  i could style it with a military shirt or jacket; denim; stripes; or with some elegant black and white outfit... 

what i used for this project:
silver cuff from JoAnn's by Dazzling Geodes and my random pendant
black acrylic paint
One Step Crackle by DecoArt from JoAnn's (this step is optional)
old brass paint (not pictured), also, from Joann's (it's Lumiere by Jacquard sold in a 2.25 fl. oz. jar)
E-6000 clear glue (not pictured)
flat brush, small sponge (optional), small plastic or paper cup to hold the cuff while you paint (see below)

first i painted the cuff black (let it dry), then using flat brush covered it with One Step Crackle.

initially, i wanted to stop here but the crackle was barely noticeable.  so i decided to smudge small amount of brass (or bronze) paint (i had this paint left over from my shoe project).  i used soft sponge but you can just use the same brush above.  i liked the color i got a lot!

then i glued my pendant to the cuff using E-6000 glue.  and voila! my new cuff...

if i had to do this over, i would skip One Step Crackle.  as i mentioned above the crackle effect was barely noticeable.  not sure what i did wrong...


  1. These turned out so great. I am so impressed with your talent.

  2. Wow! Really cool. I actually like your one better than the $6,ooo one! Have a fab weekend!

  3. WOW! You need your own SHOW on HGTV with all your DIY projects. They are SO GREAT! I like how you show price comparisons too. Makes you think about how your spending your money when you could be stretching it. Thanks :)

  4. Very Chanel-like! Lovely as always ;D

  5. What a cool bracelet! You make the best accessories. :)

  6. Wow Maya that's such a fab DIY! It looks so gorgeous

  7. Can i just say i like it more than the $6000 one. Where the hell have i been you've been knocking them out of the park. For some reason i've been missing all your post I need to catch up on all these awesome DIY's.



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