Thursday, February 3, 2011


my favorite part of this look is my DIY two-tone nails.  first, i applied Sally Hansen's Gilty Pleasure (metallic gold) all over as usual.  after gold was dry i applied Sinful Color's See You Soon which looks black but is actually dark-dark green.  i'm not crazy about the colors of my outfit but liked how i matched the top with the skirt.  they are both from NY&Co but the top was bought from Ross (the skirt is from actual NY&Co store).  Tiger's Eye necklace and ring are my Mom's.  little "thingy" necklace carved out of wood is from Georgia from ages ago.  bracelet from Forever21 (old). 

 Liz Claiborne brown boots from about 16 years ago

Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure metallic gold 
Sinful Colors See You Soon dark green (almost black)

just wishing i had these Jeffrey Campbell two tone Marlot wedges and tights both from Urban Outfitters website:

what do you think about two-tone trend?  check out Trends For The Masses prediction here.


  1. Awesome manicure. I love the two-tone tights. Chanel originally started that...

  2. Gosh your nails look great - I feel guilty about my little stubby ones now.

    I don't mind the two-toned look. Love those boots! And the tights!

  3. I like the two-tone trend. Color-block reminds me of the 60s. You just need tall white patent leather boots :D I've seen the two-tone tights and think they're cool. But, I couldn't do them because they would emphasize my big legs. I hope you can treat yourself to two-tone Jerfrey Campbell's soon!

    Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  4. Very pretty! I recently admired similar nails on my knitting teacher's hands. The tights I love. The boots?... I prefer your well-worn Liz Claibornes.

  5. Uhmmm...You are waaayy too cool!!!
    I love the two tone and you pulled it off flawlessly! I love the manicure and the colors and need those boots and tights!

  6. You should totally DIY those incredible boots! All you would need are an old thrifted pair and some fabric or leather paint. Coincidence that this weekend is Goodwill half price Saturday in Tennessee? I think not! :)

  7. Your nails look awesome!! I love that they match your bracelet and ring.

  8. I like the two tone trend. Would I wear it? I'm not really bold enough. I like it on other people. Well I like two tone shoes!! and I would wear them...geez I'm just a big ole contradition...LOL Hope you're feeling better.

  9. Maya!!! Thanks a lot for including my blog in your post!!
    I love your nails! I´d love to try them!
    Also many thanks for your vote, I really appreciate it!

    Trends for the Masses (TFTM)

  10. I love checking in to see what your brilliant creative mind has come up with! This is a fabulous two-tone ensemble. And frankly, I'm so out of it, I didn't know this was a trend until just now ;)

  11. I love tiger's eye jewelry and how you've used your entire outfit, nails included, as tiger's eye accents for your fabulous two-tone look.

    Those two-tone boots are adorable. I'd avoid the tights, because I know me and I know I'd spend all day trying to keep the lines straight.



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