Friday, February 4, 2011

My Gal Friday

please check out beautiful Kelly's blog Dressing Mommy.  if there was such thing as a real superwomen, it would be Kelly.  after being told she would not be able to look as chic after giving birth, she decided to prove everybody wrong.  i am featured today on Kelly's friday series My Gal Friday.  thank you, Kelly!

sneak peek:
made this lion's heart shirt for Nina yesterday and will share a tutorial with you soon (it's really easy).

large red glitter heart - DIY
white cotton shirt - Walmart


  1. Thanks for stopping by. Such a cool t-shirt - how on earth did you stay "in the line" as my kids say. For sure will check out Kelly's blog, sounds very fun! Have a great weekend!

  2. So funny that you posted this! I was looking though my Instyle mag, and saw Taylor Swift it...and I was thinking wow that would be such a great DIY project for my blog!
    I'm glad you did it though!!

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  3. Aww!! Thank you so much for the kind words!! :)

    I loved reading your feature and was so glad I could feature you!

  4. really cute top, thanks for the suggestion Maya! :D


  5. VERY cute!! Oh and I loved your "Cruella Deville" outfit other day!

  6. I love how this came out! Thanks for stopping by my blog - its great to meet a fellow blogger from my area!




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