Thursday, February 10, 2011

MIA Motif Wedge Bootie

behold: the most beautiful and the most comfortable shoe in the world!  you may be thinking "what @#&?!"
well, at least in my opinion this is the best.  these beauties just arrived and i can't take them off.  they are perforated suede/genuine leather in grey (also, available in black).  i usually avoid ordering anything online but this was free (utilized my points) and free shipping.  who can resist?!  this was love at first sight.  can't wait to wear these beauty booties out! (i know i'm cheesy).
also, available from for $29.94 (sizes are limited).

it's a snow day here in Tn again.  we played outside splatter-painting snow with sidewalk paint (mixed with water) and sprinkling craft glitter all over ("yellow snow" has a new meaning for me now)...  it was the only way i could keep my kids from making me pull them non-stop around and around our cul-de-sac.  i was pulling them both at the same time and they were shouting "faster, mommy, faster!"...

our friend Penny (neighbor's dog)


  1. I am glad to know they are comfortable...I would not have guessed it. They are cool however!

  2. I love those! sadly I am so TALL that I feel like a giant when I wear wedges or platforms...Loving the cutout leather look this season. You will rock them, I know it. What a great idea for playing in the snow. My son would LOVE that! I am going to have to try it because we are getting stir crazy with all this inside

  3. I like these! Free is a pretty good price :D Hope you're staying warm and feeling well!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  4. What a lovely creative idea to do with the kids! (can't believe it's snowing in Tennessee). Just a quick hello from my mom's place in Florida. I love those boots. Not very practical at the moment, of course..

    Thanks for your comment and just to clarify: I know where the actual jacket is, just couldn't find any posts of me wearing it ; )

    Gotta get ready to meet a friend - my mom's age, who lives here. I met her when my parents moved here, and she's just finished a round of chemo, but sounds good. Can't send emails from the laptop so hope you don't mind me using this as an email to send my good wishes.

    And yes, free is indeed a pretty good price! xx

  5. What a fabulous shoe!!!!

    I love how creative you are in the snow - I am taking note for next year!

  6. Those a amazing! What would wear them with-skinny jeans?

  7. Thanks Design Blooms! Yes, skinny jeans, floral skirts, chiffon skirts or dresses. I have a pair of floral pants from Goodwill that these would look cute too (kind of tough/soft contrast). Possibilities are endless!
    Or some really light and flowy maxi skirt, solid maxi dress in black or neutral... and so on, and so on...

  8. Spectacular shoes! I can't wait to see all the ways you wear them.

  9. dsw is online now?? it's been a while, but last time i checked they weren't. cool!

  10. Really really cool shoes. Would LOVE to see you wearing them with a complete outfit! Have a fab weekend!



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