Monday, February 14, 2011

heart of glass

last February I bought this red glass heart pendant from JoAnn's and attached it to the necklace above (from a local boutique).  also, added a little black bow to it.
as much as i love color, i've been wearing mostly black and gray these days.   black and white, and gray are so easy to style, yet always look nice. 

knuckle ring with dark red "stone" - Target $7.99
bracelets (from top down) - silver cuff from Georgia; Kohl's bracelet, F21 black waxed string bracelet
grey flower came with a headband from Ross (i use it as a pin on my sweaters and hats)
nails (bottom coat) - Sally Hansen's Gunmetal
nails (top coat) - Sinful Colors' Queen of Beauty glitter

i accidentally dropped my camera and it broke (or was it subconscious desire to get a new one? just kidding).  it was very old Canon with just 8.0 mega pixels.  some of the pictures above are taken with my cellphone, some with my parents' camera.  i'm camera-less until our new Panasonic Lumix arrives.  sure, i want a $799 camera but...  $129 will do for right now.  can't wait to receive my new camera this week.

Debbie Harry (Blondie): Heart Of Glass 1978


  1. I love the necklace!! Have you thought about an etsy store? I would love buying from you. Have fun with your new camera!

  2. Love the flower! I always tend to wear gray, too!

  3. Nice styling of the heart necklace!

  4. Hey ! this necklace is amazing, and so great for today ! It's nice to see the Blondie video, debbie harry is so beautiful, rock and sexy !
    Have a great Valentine's day !

  5. I just checked out your etsy store! How did I miss this?? What amazing baby gifts. And I need a couple things so this is wonderful! Thanks You are a gorgeous Martha Stewart girl!

  6. Ahhhh, Blondie. Love it! The necklace is wonderful too.
    Your gunmetal glitter polish looks great, btw. Gunmetal is apparently a key nail polish trend for 2011. Right on target, as always!

  7. I love that knuckle ring. It is awesome! And the red heart looks fab against the black and gray!

  8. What a beautiful necklace! I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day! :)

  9. The heart necklace is so pretty. What a great DIY project.

  10. Blondie is my absolute favourite! And love your outfit all the layering of greys with the shot of red with the heart necklace...



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