Tuesday, February 15, 2011

gray again

i'm "struggling" without my own camera (i accidentally dropped our old Canon) and am using my parents' camera and my cellphone.  so sorry about blurry pictures.
this gray cardigan came from Target.  it seemed to be a perfect DIY material for one of my long-forgotten DIY projects i saw on The Glamourai back in 2009.  Kelly's inspiration came from 3.1 Philip Lim.

gray cardi- Target (with black DIY bows attached to the button holes)
black pants - Walmart
black shoes - Steve Madden DSW (old from '09), also worn here
faux snake skin clutch - Goodwill
ring - SteinMart $4.99
bracelet and earrings - Kohl's (old)

 twinkle toes at 39?  why not?!  life is too short!
Sally Hansen's Gunmetal+Sinful Colors' Queen of Beauty


  1. Super cute sweater, I love the idea of the bows. and your Ring and shoes Awesome!!!

  2. I would have never guessed those are Wal-Mart pants! You make everything look so high end.

    Also, that shade of lipstick looks great on you.

  3. What a cute DIY sweater.I love how you've styled your pants to really show off the shoes.
    No Guilt Fashion

  4. Love how the nail polish matches your palette!

  5. I love all the greys and the bows are so cute on the cardi. Even your nail polish matches!

  6. You may have camera problems, but the success of this look is shining through them!! I love this cardigan and really impressed with the shoes!! Great styling head to toe!!

  7. The bows are so pretty! I love your DIY's :)

  8. I like gray a looot, actually I am trying to stop wearing and buying grey stuff, because it does not look good on me now with my current hair color. And your nails rock!

  9. This outfit has edge! I'm loving it! I really need to get back to my edgy self. I was a true hipster in my teens having to DIY all of my outfits because I couldn't afford it and wanted to be on the edge. Just love it! sparkly toes and all :) the pants are fantastic rolled to show your bad@ss shoes. I like the soft bows girly cardigan with the kickbutt shoes. Can't say enough how much I love this outfit. Mind if I save it? so I can keep it for inspiration on my computer...

  10. Black and grey is such an eternal combination and the bows are a really nice touch. Gee, I recently dropped my camera and had a nervous breakdown plus crying fit, but luckily only the safety glass (which sensible husband had put on) broke. Phew!

  11. Love your DIY ! LOve this grey harmony too, make me think to New York !

  12. Great glamorous outfit and wonderful tootsie colour. Love how you've added the bows on! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Oh no I hope you can get your camera fixed, Ive droped mine a few times but luckily it survived! Love the bow details on your jumper xx



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