Sunday, January 23, 2011

oh, so decadent glitter nails (again) and Tucker for Target dress

you'd probably agree that most efficient way to break winter blah is to get a pretty manicure.  here is my nail polish experiment continued from my "glitter galaxy" post.  it's cheap and it's quick.  though i had somewhat hard time taking glitter off - it is still worth it. 

 one coat of Mercury Rising (by Sinful Colors at Walgreens for $1.99)

then applied a coat of Frenzy (also by Sinful Colors from Walgreens for $1.99)

i was reading on Lori's No More Sweatpants blog her tips for cleaning off nail polish after applying it.  just like Lori i paint my nails at night.  the next morning when i get in the shower i rub my fingers with soapy washcloth.

Tucker for Target dress - Target clearance
maroon tights - Walmart
leopard print clogs - Hanna Andersson (like new from eBay last year)
umbrella - SteinMart
nails - Sinful Colors

bought this Tucker for Target dress (above) back in November but just now wearing it because it was actually my Christmas "surprise" from kids.


  1. I just commented on another blog about the amount of bloggers who shop at Target...they must be doing very well and they must love the blogs!! I really like the dress and all of the colors in it! So happy to see you have a Stein Mart ....many of the peices I use on my site are from Stein Mart..particularly accessories!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out :)
    I love all the glitter.

  3. Lovely nail info. Loving everything I see.

  4. The clogs!
    Glitter is hard to take off but so much fun. You're definitely inspiring me to actually paint my nails one of these evenings.

  5. Cute outfit! I looooove those clogs and thanks for the mani idea!

  6. Thank you for your kind comment! It's always exciting to find other bloggers who are interested in art. I have not yet done a Magritte post, but one is in the works! I'll have to put Ernst on my list as well. Have a great night!

  7. Alas, my local Walgreen's only had green glitter when I stopped in this weekend. I love your purple! And your Tucker dress too.

    My saving grace when painting my nails any dark shade is one of those little felt tip pens filled with nail polish remover, although sometimes I just wait and use the same shower method you and Lori employ.

  8. LOL I do the same thing when I paint my own nails... I just can't keep the polish off my skin. And I layer polishes, too.



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