Thursday, January 13, 2011

glitter galaxy nails DIY

Christopher Kane dress $925

i find galaxy prints very interesting but can't afford $925 Christopher Kane dress above...
at least i can have glitter galaxy nails, right?!  all my new nail polish is from Sinful Colors ($1.99 at Walgreens).  for once, impulse buy that did not get returned!  this is my first time to try glitter nail polish and i can definitely see how it can be addictive.
from left to right: Frenzy, Queen of Beauty, See You Soon, and Mercury Rising (all Sinful Colors nail polish).

 two coats of See You Soon and a coat of Queen of Beauty

 two coats of See You Soon and a coat of Frenzy


  1. I see you are moving on. I love to see you in glitter. My favourite is the grey one.
    Mil besos my dear friend.

  2. Pretty. I'm going through a glitter polish obsession too! Love it.

  3. Oooh very cool, a great economic substitute for that dress (which is totally amazing, btw...)

  4. AAAAA Christopher Kane! I love his stuff.
    It's been about 12 years since I did glitter nail polish. You make it look completely chic, which is _not_ how I remember it!

  5. haven't used the glitter polish
    does it stay on pretty well???

  6. @silvergirl: it actually stayed better than some of more expensive ones. I just hope it's not too hard to take off. I got them at Walgreens for $1.99

  7. Ohhh, very pretty! (And I am so glad to see you back)
    Here's a link to a friend's blog who writes about nails and makeup and DYI stuff... and writes in English :D

  8. Give yourself a bit to let the swelling etc. go away") Love your nails!! my daughter would love this post (I will show her) she is addicted to glitter nail polish. Loving the studded clutch. WOW! you are so creative. You could sell your creations on etsy! I would buy one for sure!

  9. glad to know about the polish
    this brand has been on my radar for about a month now
    i was looking for a certain green color and found it in this brand at walgreens by accident
    then in this month's InSyle or Lucky can't remember the brand was featured
    thinking of doing a post on it
    if i do may I link back to your post??

  10. Is there anything Walgreens doesn't have? I could wander around that place for days. These polishes are all great, I'm glad you posted pics of your painted nails because I always wonder what kind of coverage I'll get with sparkly hues. I am putting these on my list of things to check out this weekend.

  11. Loove the purple glitter! I recently bought a charcoal gray w/ a little shimmer from Sinful Colors and LOVED it! I just wished it would have lasted longer than a couple of days! Apparently, I need a better topcoat!



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