Thursday, January 27, 2011

from drab to fab and to drab again...

sadly, it's been back to drab for this soccer mom.  lately, i've been wearing my usual uniform of sweats and jeans.  i'm sure i'll bounce back soon, but until then wanted to share some photos taken last year.
my absolute favorite outfit from last year was my old overalls and my thrifted colorful blouse worn to a friend's farm one unusually warm day in October.  i really enjoyed this fun and playful number and posted it here.


the friend whose farm we visited had just bought chickens expecting them to lay fresh eggs every morning.  so i painted her an ornament with a chicken laying a golden egg.  unfortunately, chickens did not really lay golden eggs but i think friend loved the ornament anyway.

next are some photos that i have never posted.  i was dreaming of a perfect camel coat.  the one that would have gigantic shoulders kind of like David Byrne in his "interview". but God knows i don't need another coat so i borrowed Mr. Wonderful's camel sports coat just for the pictures to get the feeling of an oversized camel coat i wanted but never purchased.  Target sweater, thrifted skirt, DSW shoes.

 the look on my face is the reason i never posted these before, but i don't care now, you can laugh all you want to :)

still like my peach color obsession from last year and this thrifted floral dress:

as well as red nails and bold accessories:

see how i made this DIY knuckle ring here


  1. just checked out your ring DIY...very clever idea! thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your outfits very much my dear friend.

  3. Great Idea for that ring.. Love the pink sweater!!

  4. DIY ring? Amazing! And I totally covet your dungarees, Maya. I bet come spring you'll wear them again - they look great on you.

  5. Maya, you make a cute farmgirl! I love okra, but I never knew it looks like that as a crop. It looks like someone just stuck them on sticks. I should grow some.

    Love, love, love that camel cowl neck sweater! I think your expression is great. Sassy in that last one!

    Great tough chick jewelry. I will check out your ring tutorial! I need to get my DIY and toughy girl on!

    Come join the Fashion Blog Flash Mob today. Umbrellas!

  6. Ah we all have 'sweats time' love these photos, especially that huge chicken ha ha! Some great outfits here I cant decide on a favourite xx

  7. You can even make overalls work! Plus you look gorgeous in camel, which I find to be a hard color to wear. Thanks for the ring DIY; makes me want to try to DIMyself.

  8. I just love your first photo... you look like a cute and colorful children's television host!

  9. You are a timeless beauty. I just love the fact you could be from any era past or future. A classic beauty is forever:) Love those photos:)

  10. You look so gorgeous with red lipstick! I think the camel colored outfit is my favorite - I love the pic of you sitting on the swing. :)

  11. I think the second outfit is my favourite - camel jumpers are so classic. Great skirt and shoes too. Okay, basically I love the whole outfit!
    I just thought I'd let you know that the necklace you sent me has is currently being displayed in pride of place on my mannequin - along with a vintage pink bed jacket!

  12. I love your jewelries !



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