Saturday, January 22, 2011

DIY: moss ball

i am not much of a decorator at all.  i'm sure most of you are amazing at house decorating.  anyway, just wanted to share this little project i did several weeks ago.  i needed something to go on top of my china cabinet.  all you need is a container, Styrofoam ball that fits your container, moss from any craft store, and hot glue gun.  this was super easy.  i believe my package of moss came from Hobby Lobby and it had several 16"x18" sheets of reusable moss cloth (i only used two sheets).

 container from Michael's
Styrofoam ball and a package of moss from Hobby Lobby

 i used two sheets; each was cut across as shown above with the middle part uncut

 hot glue from top down trimming overlapping areas

 turn the ball over and repeat to cover the whole thing

 patch up any spots you left out

 pottery from HomeGoods that's on the other side of our china cabinet


  1. What a long time without news from you. I am so glad that you were busy doing this magnificent piece. How fantastic and neat is that????
    Enjoy your Sunday my friend.

  2. You look like a home decorator to me!! This is beautiful...thanks for sharing how you made it happen!!

  3. Great topiary! I have way too much real moss outside so it's an exterior furnishing for me tor now :D This is a great idea though and the green with the other earthy colors makes for natural beauty! Your walls match our dining room walls! Did you sponge or rag? We sponged off. You are more interior decorator than you think!

    How you feeling?

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again



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