Wednesday, December 22, 2010

yellow sweater, Target skirt, blue gingham shirt

my talented sister hand knit this yellow sweater when we lived in Georgia.  it is at least 20 years old.  it's bright yellow (can you see?) and has patchwork design.  first time i'm wearing it in years and am so glad i kept this sweater for sentiments it brings. 
yellow sweater - made by my sister
gray sparkly skirt - Target's clearance ($13!)
black suede wedge booties - Urban Outfitters
tights - not sure
bracelet and earrings - Kohl's (old)
Liz Claiborne black "alligator" purse - Goodwill

Not Just Dorothy
in the spring i will be pairing this gray sparkly skirt from above picture with my not just Dorothy shirt from Sears Outlet (Land's End blue gingham shirt $7), DSW brown sandals and Goodwill straw purse (brand new for $1).  or with another Goodwill find: white vintage woven wicker purse ($2).  what are your thoughts?  would you wear gingham?  if so, how?

pearls and ribbon necklace - Forever 21 (old)
pearls and ribbon bracelet - Old Navy (old)

ELLE, November 2010, p.130


  1. Gosh the details in that jumper are so intricate - your sister must be a great knitter!

    I have never been into gingham (but never say never!), but the shirt is so pretty! What about with a pair of denim or flesh-toned capris or 3/4 length pants with the shoes and bag you've chosen? And that wicker purse is gorgeous!

  2. I don't have any gingham but I like that shirt. It is springy and casual. I'd stay away from red/white, that's cliché.

    The sparkle skirt is a change from denim which is what I'd usually think to wear with it.

  3. Ok, 1. LOVE that sweater!
    2. I love wearing gingham - It's really fun to wear with a pencil skirt and heels!
    3. My husband grew up celebrating New Years too! So now we do both - I love any excuse to keep my tree up longer! :)

  4. Wow,what a sweater! She is talented.

  5. Nice sweater! Talented sis! That skirt is awesome, too. I have a long gingham wrap-around skirt that I call my picnic skirt. I wore it to our department's summer outing.

  6. Sweet ensemble! I enjoy how you've used all that bada$$ black to make the soft yellow sweater hardcore. Also, your body looks great in that skirt!

  7. Jealous of your finds in GOOD WILL, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. have a wonderful Cxmas and an even better 2011 my dear friend.

  8. Your sweater is amazing! What a talented sister. And all those purses and great finds at Goodwill. You look so good.

  9. I love gingham when mixed with some sass, which your proposed outfit will absolutely accomplish!
    Loving your thrifted "lady" purses lately.

  10. Your sister is an artist ! the sweater she knit is beautiful !

  11. I love that sweater, your sister must be a superb knitter. I kind of like gingham, more so after Christopher Kane used it in his SS10 collection

  12. I love hand knitted jumpers - you know that they're totally unique. Also, yellow and a blue is combination I've been exploring too, ever since modelling for a designer called Charlotte Taylor who used amazing color combinations in her collection!
    Thank you for your very lovely comment on my photography post. I watched the original version with Julie Christie - I didn't know that there was a modern one with Keira Knightley! I really want to see it now.

  13. Love gingham! I just bought a cute gingham dress for my etsy shop I plan on calling it the Dorthy dress lol...I can't wait to see your pairing on. I am so shy to mix hard and soft etc...and always look forward to seeing someone do it, to see if I could pull it off too. Love those booties also :)

  14. You know I love gingham on other people, and especially Chanel cruise collection which has loads of it. But my school uniform was a small check blue gingham dress and I just can never wear it now because of it. The closest I have is a red check shirt which is almost gingham but the check is about 1cm. I do have some Dorothy red sparkly shoes though ;-)

    p.s I have a couple of giveaways on my blog xx

  15. Your sister is a very stylish knitter! Also I love the way you've styled it, I have a similar yellow sweater from Goodwill that I was thinking would be a casual piece, but you have inspired me to try it with a work skirt.

    I think your new gingham shirt would look great now under a menswear-ish black crew neck sweater, skinny jeans and tall black boots. I have one that is a slightly larger check, and that's how I make it cold-weather friendly.

  16. Love that outfit! The pop of yellow makes it so fun. And I covet your Goodwill purse:-)
    Thanks for all your sweet comments on your blog...I hope that studding starter kit is seeing good use!:-D
    Did it come with how-to instructions on how to stud? (Just curious:-)
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  17. Honestly, I struggle with gingham. But when people wear it it often looks great. Can't get over the lemon-flavoured sweater... Love the cut, and the WORK that must gone into it... Definitely a keeper!

  18. P.S. Just in case we don't hear from each other... Happy New Year! xoxo

  19. Hello ! Have a great great 2011 !!
    I nominate you as one of the fifteen fashion bloggers...So, if you want, feel free to check out the post on my blog :

  20. Have a wonderful New year 2011 my dear friend.

  21. I wish I could wear yellow - what a fabulous way to pep up your outfit! Love the wedge boots, too - Veshoevius was wearing some in her last post and I think I'm a convert...

  22. Oh dear Maya, Happy New Year! I've had the window to this post open all day, and now that I'm shutting down I forgot what I came here to reply, to something you wrote.. and I'm caught up now in reading all the comments of the other bloggers I know and like (I'm guessing w/Roz you were talking about Dr. Zhivago: I remember when Keira Knightly did it on TV here in the UK, she was a real unknown and she said it was weird playing Lara cause her dad had kind of a thing for Julie Christie in the role and she asked if that was weird).

    I love the outfit you're wearing and love that your sister knitted it 20 years ago! And those tights remind me of something someone was giving away by the Canadian designer, Mark Fast. And that ladylike bag!

    And the check.. there was a designer, it's driving me crazy.. oh that's it! I think it was Christopher Kane, and I saw his dresses in Dover Street Market here in London. It really got me in the mood for that Dorothy in Oz thing.

    Well this is a long post and I still don't remember what I originally came to say except thank you for your friendship. Virtual friendship ; )

    Goodnight! xx

  23. p.s. re: the Gingham Question: the Kane dresses I saw had that kind of built-in bra thing, and somewhere, I don't know if I saved it, I had a J.Crew pale blue and white gingham check one piece 50s style swimsuit. I'd so love to wear it as a kind of top/bustier, even tho it was so worn out from swimming.. yeah, here we go, it was something like this (the one I saw in Dover STreet Market):,7984#/imageno/4

    good to know I'm not crazy. Actually... that's not really any guarantee I'm not (crazy).

  24. Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! And now that I have a moment I went back to your gingham post and I adore the wicker white basket or the straw tote with the shirt! Fantastic idea...just love it!

  25. Thanks for your nice comment, I wish you feel well very soon !

  26. Haha, yes, you really must DIY that belt! (no one but you will know what I'm talking about). I actually had you in mind, Maya! x

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