Tuesday, December 7, 2010


D&G Fall 2010
 my inspiration today comes again from lovely Reena Rai of Fashion Daydreams.  i looked everywhere for a light fluffy maxi skirt for cheap (i mean dirt cheap) but alas!  no luck.  even could not find anything like that skirt at Goodwill :(  but i did buy two snowflake design sweaters!  the first one (the classier one) is new from Sears Outlet for $7.  the tacky sparkly one is from Goodwill for $2.  my pants came from Walmart and reminded me of ski pants.  i just had to do my elastic in the hem trick similarly to my green pair (still had elastic left over from that project).

snowflake sweater - Sears Outlet
black pants - Walmart's JMS with elastic in the hem
black suede booties - Urban Outfitters
funky black purse - Liz Claiborne Goodwill
ring - Target
fur bracelet - DIY

red sparkly snowflake sweater - Goodwill
gray lacey socks - ?
black shoes - Louboutin DIY

 vintage mink collar coat - Goodwill for $15!!!  promise to show more of this soon

 as promised i wore my "new" Louboutin DIY shoes today.  so far so good.  i will let you know if i have any problems with this but so far i am very pleased!
ain't this little Swedish family cute?  these sweaters below are on sale now at Hanna Andersson ($40 for adult sweater, $30 for kids).  


  1. I gotta admit, I prefer the red sparkly one! And oh how I wish I could find a Fair Isle sweater with reindeer on it...


    PS I did an elastic hem refashion too (back in May)! Great minds think alike!

  2. I can't do too many sweaters because I run hot, but you got it goin'! Dems are some sassy heels! Sassy is my word of the moment. Thanks for sharing your DIY steps! Love the leggings, too!

  3. ohh the zipper shoes look so great with the red sparkly cardigan! P.s, I love the cheap sparkly one the best!!!

  4. Haven´t you done a good job with those shoes??? Brilliant.
    Love your jumper...

  5. I love that D&G runway look - I've always loved Alpine sweaters and your search for a good one - and I love them both but especially the cardigan - reminded me of my own. Where are they? It was a great story: my mom had these perfect iconic vintage sweaters like this. They were her kid brother's. The story was that she liked them and he SOLD them to her. (Come to think of it - my own brother, who's in Pink Floyd - sold me his white couches, so clearly it's in our family's DNA).

    The sad thing is, in high school, I loaned one of my mom's (ex uncle's) jumper to my friend Debbie, and she kept it. And now that I think of it - Debbie, who is now divorced, hasn't returned my emails! Shoulda learned from the sweater incident.

    Thanks for your comment - it came in while I was writing something to that effect on my own post - the Bye Bye Madrid one -about forgiveness and moving on. Life's way too short.

    LOVE those shoes and - with your permission - want to do a little sidebar thing linking to the post. And the coat! Can't wait to see more of that! xx

  6. love your bag!!!
    thanks for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! remember it means a lot for me, so i hope you will stay in touch with my blog :)

    xoxo from rome

  7. I love fair isle sweaters!! The sparkles in the second one make it super special - and the shoes look great!!

  8. You look sooo have such great creative outfits!

    Thank you so much for fixing the mix up on I Spy DIY!! I appreciated it!

    As for your Shoe DIY, it's absolutely brilliant!! I hope to see that featured on I Spy DIY and every other DIY blog out's fabulous!!

  9. I really like your tapered pants! You look warm and cozy--I am inspired because it is so cold here!

  10. oh I love the whole nordic inspired jumper look! i love the one you are wearing in the top picture. how funny, my husband's nanny from when he is a little boy (who is swedish) is knitting him one for christmas... he had to send his arm measurements and everything. i'm secretly hoping i can steal it.

    also, i LOVE your diy! the shoes look incredible! really great! xx

  11. ah ha! you are quite clever and resourceful!
    and don't you love goodwill? i found my husband a vintage YSL navy wool sport jacket at our local goodwill. score!
    love your coat.

  12. Oh my god, I almost commented "I love your louboutin's," but then saw the DIY and realized you made them yourself! Great job, I am so bad at DIY's.

  13. I'm very impressed with your shoes and they go beautifully with your sweater. Great outfit.

  14. Ahh, lovely, lovely finds and the red soles speak for themselves... It's weird, one would think that a light maxi skirt and ski sweaters should be easy to find, especially 2nd hand, but sometimes life just doesn't make it easy for us.
    Love the cosy black trousers, too!

  15. Gasp! loving those walmart??? I've been looking for a harem pant.....will have to check them out. LOVE THE SHOES! If you get a chance check out my post today...doing a giveaway! enter:)

  16. I have to say I love the red sparkly one best, my Christmas jumper is an ancient vintage Burberry one I got for just a few pounds years ago - you reminded me I will have to dig it out!

  17. Fantastic! I love both sweaters and thus both looks. You can't go wrong with a look that combines cozy warmth and hot shoes! I know you'll find the chiffon skirt soon as well.

  18. Wow, I have to try making some Loboutins for my own!

  19. I like the top sweater on you much better than the second one- I just feel like it overwhelms your small frame.

    The top one is not only shorter, but the pattern is more broken up so you don't get overwhelmed by a lot of the one pattern.

    Just my two cents- and your hair looks fantastic!

  20. Here again :D Thanks for your comment and your visit. In my blog I write about everything that pops in my mind, and sometimes about fashion! The photo you mention illustrates a post where I talk about my struggle to come to terms with my age (44) and my lack of style, which I try to overcome by reading inspiring blogs like yours (lovely!) and Sacramento's (where I found your link. Lots of love from sunny Cuernavaca, Mexico!

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Love your DIY. I would love for you to enter my Christmas giveaway.

    Happy Holidays,

  22. I love the second sweater..A LOT. And the shoes? Girl!! And what do you know, you have a really cute handbag!! ugh. I want to go shopping with you!!! :) You look beautiful.

  23. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving some love so that I could find you today. You did an AWESOME job on those shoes! And love the winter-themed sweaters. Cute pics :)

  24. Love the Louboutins. You def. don't look like a soccer mom.



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