Sunday, December 12, 2010

military coat + faux fur clutch+vintage photos

cream silk shirt - Goodwill
black pleated skirt - Goodwill
scarf - Macy's (old)
gray trouser socks - Walmart's Faded Glory
wedge boots - Urban Outfitters
ring - Target
locket - JoAnn's pendant attached to JoAnn's long chain (sold separately), also seen here
faux fur clutch - thrifted clutch with fur DIY

Topshop pleated maxi skirt for $90
of course this is not exactly like Topshop's skirt i wanted but... it's pleated, it's black, it's long and was only $2.00 at Goodwill (wearing this today)

i bought this black coat at Essex in the spring for $35.  so excited to finally get to wear it!  it's 75% lambswool, 25% camel-hair.  many times Essex has just junk but i am so glad i found this diamond in the rough!  and of course as you already guessed i replaced original buttons with JoAnn's military style hammered brass buttons.

my outfit today (especially my coat and my locket) kind of reminded me of some family vintage pictures i have brought with me from Georgia when i immigrated.  these are some of my Georgian ancestors.  original photographs.  one of them dated October 14, 1910!!!  these photos are taken 100 years ago in the country of Georgia in cities of Tiflis (now Tbilisi) and Kutaisi. 

i don't speak German but i think this last photograph says Jolly Christmas! (thanks to Google translator) in German.  the handwritten note is in Georgian language and is addressed to my great-grandmother Nadia Guelesiani from her cousins.  apparently they used photographs as greeting cards back then.  they all are on some kind of really heavy paper. Jolly Christmas to all!  shobas gilocavt! (that's in Georgian)


  1. The clutch looks great. That coat is so cool. Thanks for sharing your family photos with us.

  2. this clutch is so cute!
    hope you had a great weekend! i wanted to thank you for your last comment on my blog! remember it means a lot for me, so i hope you will stay in touch with my blog - it's easy with k come karolina on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :)

    xoxo from rome

  3. It DOES say 'Jolly Christmas' indeed :)
    The coat is such an amazing buy. It looks 10 times the price and suits you wonderfully. How did you make this amazing faux fur clutch?

  4. you look *wow*! the clutch turned out fantastic.
    i like that nail color a lot.
    hey, you got snow!!

  5. That clutch is genious!! I wish I had some Goodwill to shop it, we Mexicans tend to use our clothes until they fall apart, so nothing really good arrives to the very few (and costly) vintage shops here. The photos of your family are lovely, thanks for sharing. You can see some of mine in this post (these photos were taken about the same time as yours)

  6. This clutch and the ring are amazing. Nice outfit.

    And yes, it says Merry Christmas.

  7. Yes what happened to Jill is just outrageous. That's why I'm now making sure to include the rights issue in every post of my hat blog. And I added a mean little sentence to my new post, just in case that this b... of ELLE should read the post.

    Just saw that you made this purse yourself, this is amazing. Well done.

  8. love the clutch!! you look stunning! Im happy i ran into your blog:) Its a great read and your posts are amazing!
    Im gonna follow you!
    hope you visit and follow me back, that would be amazing!


    Have a fashionfabrice.

  9. Oh Maya first, I love the photos/cards you found! It's uncanny, it looks like my family photos, too. Wouldn't it be unbelievable if it turns out the reason we have so much in common is we share the same DNA? I should send you a hair sample ; )

    2nd: I love this whole look, down to your nail varnish. It's funny: I could so easily be wearing the same clothes: I'd just wear different proportions. Like lately, my thing is wearing boots, tights, blouse, but no skirt.

    And I love the way you're thinking outside the box and finding, say, the coat but switching the buttons. My only question is, are you now too stylish for Hendersonville? How does this go down at the school run? : )

    Thanks for your sweet comment, cousin! xx

  10. still loving that DIY fur clutch...Oh old family pictures are so cool! Love your outfit today very classy!

  11. Amazing coat (I love military-style coats) and the DIY clutch is incredible.

    Thanks for sharing the old photos as well.

  12. I love how you styled the clutch! If possible, it looks even more amazing with the full outfit.


  13. You look great. I am in love with the purse. totally makes the outfit.



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