Monday, December 20, 2010

Etsy feature: GiddyUpGirlz

ordered my gorgeous sparkly belt from Wendy (a.k.a. Thrifty Momma) on Etsy.  her shop is called GiddyUpGirlz (originally she was planning on selling western-wear exclusively).  Thrifty Momma has beautiful vintage womenswear.  i could not be happier with my belt!  please check this shop out!  here are some of my favorite items:

Sweetheart Dress $24.99

Military Madness Dress $35.00

Velvet Polka Skirt $23.99

Lady in Red Skirt $19.99

i like green, black and gold color combo.  i hope i did not look too much like a Christmas tree in this outfit.  oh well, it was just a family party hosted by my husband's cousin and his lovely wife.  needless to say, the belt had to come off during festivities ;)
black shirt - Ross (old)
black jacket - Target TJMaxx (sorry!)
green skirt - Goodwill
black and gold scarf a la Van Gogh's Starry Night - Goodwill or local antiques shop
earrings and necklace (as bracelet) - thrifted
sparkly belt - GiddyUpGirlz on Etsy
Report crinkled patent leather flats -

Gucci Spring 2011 from


  1. Wow! What a surprise! This brightened my day so much...speechless really and that's saying a lot for me LOL... THANK YOU so much for the feature. So glad you LOVE your belt it looks amazing! Very classy. I love vintage so much because of the new life people can give each piece. I will think of more to say when I don't have tears in my eyes:)

  2. You made me laugh...You look so good, and that Gucci inspiration is genius.

  3. That belt is nuts! Love it!

    I'd love to see it over the drapey cardigan next time... could be cool. I've seen that look a lot on other blogs, and it usually looks great.

  4. I love how you are wearing that scarf! I thought it was a bow-front blouse at first (obsessed with those). Great belt and love the tights too!

  5. I love this look! I think the belt is my favourite part...soooo amazing!! I love it mixed with the scarf

  6. That belt is amazing! I love how you wore it!!
    Will have to check out her site - I am loving the polka dot skirt!

  7. I love your outfit!! Fantastic belt!!!

  8. Oh, I love the comparison! Thanks so much for sharing this with me, I would love to find a scarf like that at Goodwill. Lovely outfit! ps--I'm following your blog!

  9. i like green, black and gold color combo
    Vietnam hair



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