Friday, December 17, 2010

chunky knit cable+lace+leather

chunky knit cable sweater (off white) - SteinMart
lacey skirt - SteinMart
gray shirt - Kohls
genuine leather clutch - Goodwill
ring - Target
shoes - Payless turned into DIY Louboutins

 here is an action shot of my DIY Louboutins ;)

cracking myself up b/c this ushanka is so NOT Soccer Mom
faux fur aviator hat - Target (last year's purchase)

in this hat i look more like someone from Doctor Zhivago story than a Tennessee soccer mom, but who cares?!  it's really warm, and i'm wondering why i have not thought of this before? 
what do you think of my new skirt?  i love it.  i bought the skirt from SteinMart the way you see it, but seems like an easy DIY for those of you who can sew (gray pencil skirt with black lace strips attached).  


  1. I love your lacey skirt with the chunky sweater. I can see the effect of the DIY Louboutin shoes, and just adore the leather clutch from my GOODWILL.
    You are getting better, and better my dear friend!!!

  2. that clutch is great- because of its larger size, it's a strong statement piece.
    your skirt is lovely- a classic!
    i see you changed the name of your blog. :)

  3. I love how you've mixed trends and textures here!

  4. Dr. Zhivago hat is AMAZZZING! Just checked out those cat eyed glasses you sent and they are fabbbulous! Thanks for that!!! You are the bEST! Happy Friday!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  5. Love the lace skirt - looks great with those fabulous DIY pumps!!

    That hat is too cute. :)

  6. Also, saw your feature on Avid accents - congrats!

  7. I love those short sleeved sweaters, but I don't use them because I get cold EXACTLY from the elbow down to the hands. But I dieee to wear one of those with long leather gloves :)

  8. That's one great skirt, and the sweater looks wonderfully cosy! Different to Ozer I'm finding a warm core the most important thing.

  9. You are the sweetest woman in the world! Thank you so much for the purchase from my neighbor. She called me so excited that she had sold a tutu:) many blessing to you and yours over this holiday season and the rest of the year. We need more people like you in the world! Thank goodness you have children to teach and spread your kindness as they grow into adults. You have touched my heart so dearly...Thank you :)

  10. PS: I got so excited I forgot to comment on your outfit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your DIY skirt. What a fantastic idea! and the hat is so cute. I think when I have a few minutes I will make myself a skirt like that. You'd never know it was DIY and the shoes....I can't get over those shoes! perfect

  11. I like the combo and your photo in the hat. Does look very cozy for sure. I have seen those hats everywhere but seriously it will NEVER get that cold in San Diego, so didn't dare buy one.

  12. oh, Thrifty Momma, Thanks but I did not make that skirt (I wish I did!). I can't sew but was just saying those of you Fabulous ladies that can, may be able to make one like this. I bought mine at SteinMart the way it is. It was not expensive either so... i am very happy with it.

  13. We don't have SteinMart. Fantastic sweater and skirt! Great DIY suggestion.

  14. It's great that you paired your skirt with something other than just a black or grey top, which I think would be most people's first impulse. I'm also loving the idea of a long sleeved tee under all those never-quite-warm-enough short sleeved sweaters.

    Our coincidental style is starting to freak me out a little - I literally just bought a lace skirt at Plato's Closet!

  15. CUTE skirt and very on-trend! Love that ring too - it's such a gorgeous statement piece!

  16. I looooooooooooooooove this skirt! What a cute look with the knit sweater :)

  17. I love the skirt, I have a black lace one I always were with grey!

  18. Can't beat a good chunky knit! You look gorge in the last shot my love ;-)




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