Sunday, November 7, 2010

soldier of love (new boots)

with my son Cordell

gray tee - Target 
gray jacket - Target
pants - Goodwill
cat eye glasses - Hot Topic from

after my feet grew 1/2 size with EACH pregnancy (that's a whole shoe size!) i had to give away all my shoes and shop for new ones.  i got rid of most of my old shoes without any sentiments and long good byes, but there is just one pair that i have nightmares about till this day (i am not kidding).  the year i moved to the U.S. i bought myself beautiful black leather lace-up granny boots from Nine West.  i even remember i paid $80 for them which was a lot of money to me back then (heck, that's a lot of money to me now!).  they were worth every penny.  i still have dreams about trying to somehow get them back!

well, i did not get my old pair back but bought these leather "soldier" boots below (they are Nine West too!) from  originally, they did not have a side zipper.  but even though the shoe was my size- i could not get my big feet through the neck part!  that happens to me a lot with boots :(
had to take the boots to a shoe repair place to add side zippers.

leather "soldier" boots - Nine West from

actually, if you want to know the long story...  i first bought these boots below on eBay (with no studs).  they did not fit.  sold them on eBay for what i paid for and a girl who bought them put studs all over.  i asked her to send me a picture so that i could share it with you.  isn't the studded version beautify too?!  personally, though i appreciate these i would prefer studded heels.  how about you?

love this song by Sade (Soldier of Love)


  1. Love your new boots. Zippers are a must. I always look for boots and sandals with zippers so they are easy to put on and off as I am always rushing off with kids going to places that require taking my shoes off etc... Those studded boots are cool too but a bit scary for me.
    Your pants look so trendy.

  2. Love the new boots! What a great idea taking them to get zippers! There are so many shoes that I have discarded because they took too darn long to get on and off!

    Love the Tory Burch inspired look as well. You look great!

    Yea - the boots are cool but with my son scootching around he would probably get cut by those things! :)

  3. Ivehad that problem so many times, when the neck of the boot is too narrow! I like the lace detail, great find x

  4. Wow, the studs look great! I guess you need a special tool to put them on, I'd love to give something like that a try.

  5. the new owner did a great job with those studs. those new boots w/ added side zip are very cool- what a neat idea.
    sweet photo of you with your little son!

  6. Oh Maya, you look so pretty, and your son is so cute! What a lucky boy (as is his dad ; )

    It's such a treat to catch up on this rainy day and see your great posts. So many coincidences: I went to my first Nine West press day last week and haven't done a post or posts yet - I keep stockpiling all the wonderful 'memories' I want to do - but the creative director for the past few years is the NICEST man and I want to do it justice. So I'm glad that you're a Nine West girl.

    Your shoemaker did a great job with the zips: the 'zip detail' is a really cool look in general (Hedvig just showed me a great pair of black leather gloves she bought at H&M: the zip on the wrist gives it a great edge). I don't normally like studs as a rule, but I'm starting to.. I'm a fan of Louise Goldin and did a post on her court shoes with studs last spring.

    But especially I wanted to come here to let you know about a post I'm just doing now: YOUR TWISTED PEARL NECKLACE. Roz wore it, with pride, last week when I had a visit with her & her family before she returned home to the countryside this weekend. It is beautiful. As are you.

    I wish we could whisk you over here & you could meet Roz and her family. Kindred spirits.




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