Thursday, November 11, 2010

rope/cord and pearl necklace tutorial

gray tank top - Old Navy
tribal blouse - Ross
military green jacket - Ann Taylor Loft (with JoAnn's buttons)
green pants - Gap
suede and shearling booties - DSW
bracelets - Target/Kohl's
necklace - DIY

thank you all for such encouraging comments on my rope and pearls necklace which i posted several days ago.  i was asked to write a tutorial for that necklace.  when i was making the first one i took terrible pictures.  so i decided to make another very similar necklace with better pictures.  as i mentioned before the inspiration came from Brook&Lyn's Surrounded line.

what you will need:

1. one small (9x12) sheet of regular craft felt in black
2.  one small (9x12) sheet of stick-it craft felt in black
3.  a round pendant (mine measured 2" in diameter and i would not use anything larger)
4.  about a 10" long string of 4-6 mm pearls (or beads). 
5.  1.5 yards rope or in this case i used jute & cotton cord.
6.  two metal cones from jewelry isle (i'm holding these in my hand in the picture above)
7.  hot glue gun, needle and thread and sharp scissors (use a needle small enough to go thru your pearls/beads).

A.  Cut out a 3.5 by 3.5 square out of regular (non-sticky) felt.
B.  Hot glue your round pendant to the center of the square felt piece from above.  Be careful if you use a metal pendant like I did.  Metal will get really hot.  Wait to cool it off for a few minutes.
C.  Hand stitch each pearl/bead one by one around the pendant starting from top (see below).

pendant hot glued to the felt square/starting to add the beading...

D.  Cut out a circle around beads allowing about 3/8" (that's the width of your cord/rope).
E.  Now get your stick-it felt and cut out a circle that matches your non-sticky circle (see below).  

F.  Peel the backing off and stick two circles together (see below).  
what you see inside are stitches from attaching pearls

G.  Hot glue your two metal cones to the ends of cord/rope (see below).  Again, be careful, metal will get hot.

H.  Last step.  Hot glue your cord/rope around your beading detail starting from the bottom.  When you're ready to wear your necklace just tie the ends.

finished necklace

please let me know if you try this.  would love to see your pictures.


  1. yours turned out great! i've seen brook&lyn's pretty surrounded necklaces.
    by the way, those are a cool pair of shoes you're wearing. xo

  2. wow its very neat and nice!


  3. YEA!!! I LOVE this!! Thank you so much! This is a must make for me. :)

  4. Great DIY instructions. Love your boots.

  5. Great post I look forwards to seeing how everyone makes theirs!

  6. Absolutely amazing my friend. I will try eventually if I get the courage...
    Un abrazo.

  7. Thanks for the nice comment on my post :)


  8. I tried on those boots and couldn't decide! They look so good on you that now I'm kicking myself!!

  9. Hi,

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  11. Good idea! It's nice pearl necklace! Thank you for sharing the happiness!



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