Monday, November 22, 2010

fierce fashionista or cowardly lion??

is Fall really here?  today's forecast is Hi of 73F (23C).  can you believe it?!  started my day wearing this but should have really worn tank top and shorts.

navy and white classic striped shirt - Target
gray Converse jacket - Target
jeans with DIY studs - Walmart (see my previous post)
DIY shoes - Urban Outfitters boots turned into shoes and painted
floral scarf - Target
knuckle ring - DIY
ichthus ring - eBay

at home i wore this flower pin i made myself from scrap piece of fabric with a pearl bead in the center.  honestly, was not sure how i looked so took it off before left the house.  i'm such a chicken!

oh, well...  maybe next time.

go here to see how i turned UO boots into the shoes i'm wearing today
go here to see how i made the knuckle ring from a star pendant from JoAnns

don't you just love the look of sailor stripes combined with pretty florals?  this is my favorite outfit from summer:

striped shirt - Target
floral shorts - Goodwill
denim tote and white flip flops - Old Navy


  1. You are becoming a real DIY girl. Love your flower.
    I have a hug for you in my post today.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Soo cute!
    I like so much your striped shirt and your scarf!

  3. 23°C? I so envy you, we've got about 5°C here and the it's gray and rainy. So, stop complaining! ;-)

    Love this headpiece and taking a pic is not only allowed but smart. The studded jeans is cool too. And I always loved the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz, it's such a cool story. It was adapted by a russian writer Alexander Wolkow and he wrote several books about Emerald City. I still own them and when I need a nice story to get to sleep, I read one of the books again. Or Mary Poppins, she helps too. (I'm such a child...)

    Thanks for your comments and what's a beanie?


  4. You should definitely wear that out!

  5. I love the stripes with the floral pattern! And those jeans that you DIY'ed are fantastic! (as are the shoes!)

  6. Loving the stripes and floral and the gold/bronze oxfords under your studded cuffed jeans. Sorry about the warm weather. We finally have some nice fall weather here in 60s all week supposed to be anyway. I am excited to finally break into my 'winter' section of the list.

  7. You're right - great minds do think alike!!

    Love the flower pin - so cute!

  8. i love this look, can't get enough of stripes and studs. im also loving your DIYs. so cute!

    your newest follower,
    My shop and blog

  9. Just found you. I scrolled your blog and it's fantastic! I love how you photograph yourself. I need to work on mine. What a great idea with the ball and in the garage..and your right bye bye soccermom because your a hottiepatati(sp) LOL...

  10. Hi! I just found your blog and I am amazed at your DIY skills! I LOVE your shoes!

  11. I'm loving this outfit...the printed scarf with the stripes...and the studdes jeans and fun shoes!! Such great details!

  12. your cute flower headpiece is very "sex and the city" carrie bradshaw.
    happy thanksgiving! xo

  13. I vote chic!! You must wear it Maya it looks lovely on

  14. That's too amazing about the ring - just left you a long message on your July 5th post.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend! You look beautiful and are so not a cowardly lion: you've got so much heart, and courage goes hand in hand. Like what's his name - that kind - the Lion Hearted. xox



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