Monday, November 15, 2010

coming out of my shell

 black and white striped t-neck - Target
black blazer with new buttons - SteinMart
Jeans - WalMart
beanie hat - DIY
peace scarf - Franchesca's Boutique

locket and chain - JoAnn's (sold separately)

golden chain bracelet - Kohl's
white pearl and black ribbon bracelet - Old Navy
small chain and pearls bracelet - ??? (very old) 
both rings - Target 
nail polish - Finger Paints Blank Canvas Cream

Mootsies Tootsies genuine leather shoes - Goodwill steal

thank you my readers for all your encouraging comments.  reason for the title of this post is YOU!  the whole purpose of this blog was very selfish: to help myself to get in touch with my inner fashionista.  i knew she was there somewhere.  i just tried really hard to hide her especially after i had kids.

as i promised here are more pictures of my button upgrades.  this black blazer came from SteinMart with one button missing.  i knew it was no big deal to replace buttons.  thanks to J. of My Closet My Life i found perfect black and gold buttons at JoAnn's.  even the lining is beautiful on this SteinMart blazer!!

BEFORE:  plain black buttons
JoAnn's black and gold buttons

the beanie came from Target.  i hand-stitched small gray pearls to it one by one.  please disregard the background:  it's irrelevant to this post.

my Target beanie minus the flower (which came from Ross)


  1. Love the first photo. This whole outfit is fantastic. The beanie with the beads is divine.

  2. The title and the first photo are priceless. You look great styling the striped tunic.

  3. pretty outfit!
    I love so much black&white stripes and you look so cute in them.

  4. I love the striped shirt with the patterned scarf! Once again - amazing DIY's!!

  5. oH - and that first pic - fantastic! So fierce! :)

  6. I think your inner fashionista is coming out ROARING! Love the first picture of you; as Kellie says: fierce!

  7. Thank you all! I had so much fun posing for ROARING inner fashionista photo. lol

  8. Brilliant!!! You are a great sourcer of good ideas.

  9. Hello pretty!
    thank you for your sweet words and for following me.
    I think I'm following you, too (maybe there was a problem with the sistem and at the moment I can't see if I succeeded in becoming one o your follower. If not, I'll try later!)

  10. Hiya soccermom, thanks for your visit, I am now following your blog in return. In answer to your question, I do sell online, but not fashion stuff, mostly furniture and kitchenallia and collectables. If you see anything on my blog that you're interested in buying just let me know in the comments.xx.

  11. The blazer looks fabulous! I'm glad to have inspired you and thanks for the shout out. That's what being stylish is... Taking the usual and making it your own!

  12. you look wonderful! i love this blog x

  13. I love that first picture!! So fun! And I need those shoes! I need some nude shoes that would just go with everything. I love what you did to the beanie!!

  14. Haha, love this first pic, so fun. Beautiful outfit, glad to see you freed your fashionista, she does a good job.

  15. Like everyone else has said: you look fierce, and fabulous! You are definitely finding your voice, dear dear Maya. Big hug from across the pond. xox



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