Sunday, November 28, 2010

pleated skirt

i'm experimenting with navy and black again (and purple, and gray, and red too).  found this gorgeous pleated black velvet skirt with purple lace trim at Goodwill.  my blouse is also thrifted.  it has a beautiful "watercolor" design with dark blue, bright purple, red and some gray.
speaking of bright colors...  i was so inspired by Gucci Spring 2011 collection when it first came out.  LOVE their bold use of color.

blouse - thrifted
black pleated skirt - Old Navy thrifted
gray jacket worn as casual cape - Target
purple booties - Payless Shoesource (old)
gray tights - ?
blue granny purse - thrifted
purple and gold bracelet - SteinMart 
ring - Target
red and gold earrings - gifted from Georgia

Saturday, November 27, 2010

granny couture

i wore almost all green today.  and thankfully it was not some Christmas party i went to.  i've been obsessed with deep emerald lately.  spotted this vintage green skirt and blue purse at Goodwill the other day.  i know you think i look like your grandma but it's ok.  let's just call it granny chic.
i think this is my first time trying black and navy together.

green top - Jones New York from Ross
green skirt - Goodwill
black jacket - T.J. Maxx
navy shoes - old Etienne Aigner from my career days
chain necklace from Goodwill with Target snake ear-clips attached
bracelet, rings - Target
purse - Goodwill

practicing my glamour granny look; too bad i colored my roots today
$.99 thrifted chain necklace with Target snake ear-clips attached
nothing looks more vintage than emerald green and gold together.  don't you agree?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chic Steals: DIY Links of the Week

sorry to bore you with my studded pant cuffs posting on this for the third time now (rolling my eyes!) but just wanted to share the good news.  my DIY was included in lovely Carly's DIY Links of the Week!!!  i am so excited and humbled.  please visit her website Chic Steals for incredible style and amazing DIY ideas.  She also is a mommy and a very stylish one ;)

fierce fashionista or cowardly lion??

is Fall really here?  today's forecast is Hi of 73F (23C).  can you believe it?!  started my day wearing this but should have really worn tank top and shorts.

navy and white classic striped shirt - Target
gray Converse jacket - Target
jeans with DIY studs - Walmart (see my previous post)
DIY shoes - Urban Outfitters boots turned into shoes and painted
floral scarf - Target
knuckle ring - DIY
ichthus ring - eBay

at home i wore this flower pin i made myself from scrap piece of fabric with a pearl bead in the center.  honestly, was not sure how i looked so took it off before left the house.  i'm such a chicken!

oh, well...  maybe next time.

go here to see how i turned UO boots into the shoes i'm wearing today
go here to see how i made the knuckle ring from a star pendant from JoAnns

don't you just love the look of sailor stripes combined with pretty florals?  this is my favorite outfit from summer:

striped shirt - Target
floral shorts - Goodwill
denim tote and white flip flops - Old Navy

Saturday, November 20, 2010

studded pant cuffs DIY

i'm still taking my own pictures since my photographer started kindergarten this year.  i'm getting a pretty good workout running back and forth and posing for the camera.  i'm sure my neighbors have completely written me off as a hopeless narcissist.  check out my DIY faux fur bracelet i wore today. 

olive shirt - Target
olive jacket with DIY studded collar - Old Navy
floral scarf - Mark (spring'10 catalog)
denim pants - Walmart's Sasson
bronze bag - Steve Madden (Ross or TJMaxx)
faux fur bracelet - DIY
black leather "soldier" boots - Nine West from

pearl studs - gifted from Mr. Wonderful (when he used to be sweet and romantic)
ouch! i really need to cover up my roots.  maybe i should have worn this scarf as a turban?

i have decided to embellish the cuffs on my denim pants today.  i only paid $7 for these pants on clearance so i was not afraid if they got ruined.  for this project i used iron-on studs that looked like little grommets.  just follow super easy package instructions on how to iron them on.  it only took me 10 minutes (maybe even less).  each sheet of iron-on studs was $1.97 at Walmart (i used four sheets, but you may be able to get by with just two).
this project was very similar to the studded collar jacket DIY i did sometime ago.

Friday, November 19, 2010

fashionable mama post (yay!!)

i am so excited.  i have been featured as one of the Fashionable Mamas on Natasha's blog Requied2BeInspired.  Natasha is one super fashionable mama herself.  i especially enjoy reading about her amazing DIY projects (you have to check out her faux fur boot cuff in her DIY section). 
THANK YOU, Natasha,  i'm honored!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

mostly cloudy, partly sunny

ouch, this hurts!  i was trying to fit my shoe in the shot

i am getting ready to answer Kelly's questions for her My Gal/Guy Friday where she asks for no make-up photo.  so that's why no make-up today (actually, i cheated... i have on my indispensable Burt's Bees Lip Balm with pomegranate oil).  

gray tee - Target
gray jacket - Target
denim pants - DKNY from Ross
gray shoes - Franchesca's boutique
yellow and green felt handmade necklace - gift from Georgia
Turkish bag - gift from a Turkish friend (old)
wooden bracelet - my own purchase from Georgia from ages ago with my first paycheck
rings - Target

today i'm wearing all gray with bright pops of color (Georgian felt necklace, Turkish rug bag). 
my parents are back from our home country of Georgia and brought me back this yellow and green felt necklace.  my first though was: how in the world am i supposed wear it?  i love the fact that it's handmade out of felt, but the "beads" are huge!  my smart-aleck husband said they looked like clown noses.  i'm kind of proud of myself for figuring a way to wear this gifted necklace (a way that i actually like that is).  combined with Target gray tee shirt and my Target gray jacket - the necklace looks exotic rather than ridiculous.  would you agree?  any thoughts?
Etsy has lots of gorgeous felt jewelry from all over the world (click on the country to go to seller's Etsy page).

 from Canada

 from Australia

from Belgium

from Greece

Monday, November 15, 2010

coming out of my shell

 black and white striped t-neck - Target
black blazer with new buttons - SteinMart
Jeans - WalMart
beanie hat - DIY
peace scarf - Franchesca's Boutique

locket and chain - JoAnn's (sold separately)

golden chain bracelet - Kohl's
white pearl and black ribbon bracelet - Old Navy
small chain and pearls bracelet - ??? (very old) 
both rings - Target 
nail polish - Finger Paints Blank Canvas Cream

Mootsies Tootsies genuine leather shoes - Goodwill steal

thank you my readers for all your encouraging comments.  reason for the title of this post is YOU!  the whole purpose of this blog was very selfish: to help myself to get in touch with my inner fashionista.  i knew she was there somewhere.  i just tried really hard to hide her especially after i had kids.

as i promised here are more pictures of my button upgrades.  this black blazer came from SteinMart with one button missing.  i knew it was no big deal to replace buttons.  thanks to J. of My Closet My Life i found perfect black and gold buttons at JoAnn's.  even the lining is beautiful on this SteinMart blazer!!

BEFORE:  plain black buttons
JoAnn's black and gold buttons

the beanie came from Target.  i hand-stitched small gray pearls to it one by one.  please disregard the background:  it's irrelevant to this post.

my Target beanie minus the flower (which came from Ross)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

almost preppy

gray tee - Target 
Land's End navy blue and white striped cardi - gift form my sis
brown skirt - NY&Co
oxford shoes - Kohl's Apt 9 (last year's purchase)
heart necklace - thrifted

they say it's all in the detail, right?  new buttons on my cardigan came from JoAnn's.  i've been doing a lot of button upgrading lately (more pictures coming soon).  and the lovely oxford shoes are from last year from Kohl's.  they may not look it but are very comfortable!

BEFORE: original buttons were plain white

AFTER: JoAnn's preppy looking buttons

do yo believe in love at first sight?  i do.  i fell in love with these Bass shoes as soon as i saw them on Refinery29

photos from Refinery29
Tennessee Thomas in Rachel Antonoff's shoe collaboration with Bass

Saturday, November 13, 2010

copy cat maxi dress (take 2)

maxi dress - Ross
gray jacket - Target
suede boots - Urban Outfitters (old)
lion and chains belt - DIY
bracelets - Target/Kohl's

Mr. Wonderful and i went out last night for a fancy date (kids are with the grandparents).  and by fancy i mean our local Blue Coast Burrito (first time i tried fish taco, really good).
wearing my black maxi again (see my older version here) with my Urban Outfitters wedge boots.  i realize the style of this dress does not require a belt but it's so long i had to pull it up somehow.  if you want to see how i made the lion pendant belt click here.

back in July girls from In Professorial Fashion reminded me about my black maxi dress.  also Fashion Cloud has done a great post on maxi trend.  i really like her pictures and am thinking next time i will wear my dress with an extra long necklace and a leather jacket.

fish taco from Blue Coast Burrito


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