Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tennessee Pow Wow 2010

Saturday i took my kids to the annual Tennessee Pow Wow Festival (our first time).  saw lots of beautiful beaded jewelry, turquoise and silver works and Native American traditional dancing.   i am so proud for not buying anything for myself!  really wanted this beautiful tote below but sure don't need another bag.

i wore my tribal skirt from Target seen in this post and DIY white feather earring (when i was making my feather tassel necklace a la Tory Burch, i had made an extra tassel that was too much for the necklace, and thus i have one white feather earring).

i love my new ring from Carolyn of  JuvenileJulian on Etsy (her blog is  Open Sight).  the Ring of Time is made out of up-cycled old watch pieces.  please check out her Etsy shop.  she makes beautiful jewelry. 

green sunglasses - New York Company (old)
nail color - Sally Hansen Gunmetal 

oh, and more about that nail polish.  my inspiration for this purchase was Chanel's Steel.  what do you think?  i got mine (Sally Hansen's Gunmetal) at Target.  and while i was at it i also grabbed these for no particular reason,  just love the colors!  yummy!!!

from left to right: 
Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure (it's metallic gold)
Sally Hansen Gunmetal
Sally Hansen Back to the Fuchsia
Revlon Craving Coral


  1. Love your earrings, really beautiful, and the jewellery so interesting.
    I am very much into experimenting with nail polis. It is fun, fun.
    I love the gold colour you got.

  2. Love the jewelry and nail color! Looks like you had a good time! :)

    In answer to your question - I speak a little Russian - enough to get by :) I wish I was fluent as a lot of my husband's relatives speak very little English. I think it's so amazing that you can speak 3 languages!

  3. Dayum it looks good! I also like that other ring, it's pretty sweet. I wear multiple silver rings all the time like that. I'm so glad you got a good picture :) So featuring that.

  4. I have a watch-piece earring that I used to wear in the '80s!

  5. Just found your blog and read your profile write-up. I am very close to you in age, stay home mom, also have two kids (son 3, daughter 1.5 yrs old) and have a fashion blog. Love the nail polish colors by the way.

  6. The bead work is spectacular, I have no idea how you resisted not buying anything!!

  7. love the tribal influence!!
    So fun!! Always enjoy reading your blog!!




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