Wednesday, October 6, 2010

short or long?

i'm not a hair person.  what i mean is i always used to have same old haircut - mid-length bob with bangs.  several months ago i decided to let my hair grow out....  having seconds thoughts now...  what should i do?  i'm terribly indecisive!

Keira Knightley via Refinery29
Katie Holmes via HairStylesBob
i actually took Katie Holmes picture to my hairdresser last year and this is what i looked like then:

should i go back to my old regular haircut?  any suggestions?


  1. Yay I love it when people post pictures of my jewelry :D I'm excited now!

    As for the hair, you look awesome with both haircuts, so it's a hard choice : [ but the short hair is cute, so if you're feelin change, I say go for it. I love short hair!

  2. Wow Katie did steal your style! It looks very chic but I am just the same I have one hair style and thats just that! I often think of having a change but then wuss out x

  3. ooooh i love the bobbed style on you!! have you decided yet?
    and...thanks for another sweet comment; i do remember you were going to make a lion necklace from the pendant you bought. i'm just now searching for a post on the belt you made...if i'm not mistaken, that's what you ended up with. send me a link to the post, if you don't mind. i'd love to see it! xo



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