Wednesday, October 6, 2010

pink pout (or just wanna have fun)

Revlon's Pink Pout is a name of this lipstick i'm wearing....  (just in case you were wondering what's with the pout)... 

every time i do a post i have to restrain myself from attaching a music video that is in my head at that moment and reflects my mood.  i am well aware it is cheesy but can't help it sometimes.  today's mood is "just wanna have fun".  do you remember Cyndi Lauper's song?
i'm home alone again and just wanted to play with my makeup and hair before started painting  some orders (fun is first, right?).  i even had this 50's cat eye makeup going on that i have never tried before.  i kinda like it.  never been too brave with my eye shadow or eye liner before.
and i love my new skirt and earrings.  they are both thrifted (same store, same day) and i have no idea what era they come from but i think they are beautiful especially the earrings.  i bought this gray faux fur vest last year, wore it once and almost got rid of it thinking it was just a passing trend.  so glad still see faux fur on runways.

 gray shirt - Kohl's 
faux fur vest - Ross (last year's purchase)
skirt - thrifted
colorful earrings - thrifted ($.99!!!)
shearling booties - DSW
Revlon lipstick - Pink Pout (pout! get it?!)

p.s.  today's look was inspired by Jen's post at TheStyleCrusader.


  1. Of COURSE I remember Cyndi's song! That's wrestler "Captain Lou" Albano playing her dad in the video.

  2. Wendy, is not it funny that i knew this song in Georgia (as in former USSR)?!! they say music is universal but not everything made across our borders back then.

  3. Geez, you've been busy. I really like the camel booties with this outfit. It's unexpected. As for your hair, this is a short haired woman talking, I love the photos of you from last year. I think the haircut is very flattering on you.
    Ha! I remember the first time I say this video. That was ages ago and it still rocks!

  4. lipstick color looks good on you.

  5. Hey mama! Just joined up! :) loving your blog - you look great!

  6. Oh cool, I'm glad you found some goodies at Music City! All the Southern Thrifts are good as well, especially the one in Donelson, for some reason it's the best of all the Southern Thrifts and my favorite thrift shop in Nashville.
    Oh hey, do you know my DIY thumbtack wedges? Those wedges (pre-thumbtack of course) came from Music City.

    Also, I LOVE Cyndi Lauper.. :)

  7. Lovely post.
    I have just come back from hospital , and the operation went so well.Thanks a lot for caring!!!!

  8. Love the soft pink lipstick!!! and DIE for this song!! haha

    : )


  9. I like that your lippy and earrings match!

  10. LOVE the skirt with the booties!!!! And the makeup is fab, too.

    We never get too old to play with makeup, do we?

  11. Hallo wunderschöne frau..dein foto gefällt mir..du bist echt süsse..hübsche.du siehst super sexy im Glockenrock aus...geiler weiter glockenrock gefällt mir wow geiler glockenrock....würde gerne das mal live sehen wollen wenn du den lederrock wow du bist traum.......wunder schöne Lady



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