Sunday, October 24, 2010

mummified scissors (dedicated to Roz)

cardigan with rose design - Kohl's
flower print gray top - Kohl's (Vera Wang)
skirt - thrifted
black shoes - Kohl's
DIY necklace - rusty old scissors wrapped in black silk ribbon, metal rose button, white pearls
gray pearl necklace - JoAnns (it's actually supplies for one of my next DIY's)
bracelet - Forever21

this post is dedicated to Roz of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee blog.  she is a 15 year old blogger from UK.  i'm sure everyone here knows her blog.  Roz just had back surgery for scoliosis.  while she is recovering and staying off her blog, i wanted to help spread her initiative of making something she came up with.  here it is in her own words:

Last year I devised and made a simple pendant design - a pair of blunt sewing scissors (or child’s metal craft scissors) wrapped in strips of silk 'bandages' and hung on a chain. Subsequently, I've had a lot of people commenting whenever I wear this ‘mummified’ necklace. I now realise that I made this pendant shortly after I began my blog (, and this gave me the idea to put the two together into a novel blogging project.

I want to experiment with the force of the 'blogosphere' to see how far one idea can reach - namely, the mummy's scissors. But the difference is that this is not a publicising-to-sell campaign, it's a 'make it yourself' concept. My aim is to encourage bloggers (and subsequently their readers) and indeed, anyone interested to make their own pendants (alternatively I can send you a ready-made mummy’s scissors necklace if you don't have the time) and to style it in a personal way for them. From Style Bubble to Style Rookie, every blogger has a different way of putting clothes and accessories together. 

This is therefore not so much selling a product as 'anti-selling it' - getting everyone to create their own version of an idea - a totally not for profit scheme. 

this post may be the most difficult i've done.  i am not a writer.  neither am i a good photographer...   i started this blog simply to encourage myself (and others like me) to feel better through fashion.  and also, as an outlet for some creative ideas i had.
for several years now i suffer from chronic pain.  i found fashion to be soothing (?).  fashion doesn't help my physical pain of course, but simply put, fashion is fun and it helps me feel better about myself.  
 this is the inside of my cardigan;  isn't it beautiful inside and out?!

do you remember the twisted pearl necklace i made several weeks ago?  i made another one yesterday (above).  in this i tried to use more rose color...  Roz has mentioned on her blog that because of her condition she was intrigued by all things twisted in nature: such as tree trunks etc.  well, these are glass pearls not the real ones, but i think you get the idea.  making this twisted shape into something beautiful! 
Roz, hang in there!  hope you recover soon.

 Nina (5) in our backyard


  1. Glad to see your supporting Roz too, I will be posting mine up soon. Her dad tells me she is doing ok after the op xx

  2. Pretty!!!!
    And such a sweet dedication!

  3. I really love this thoughtfull!
    I would absolutly love it if you filled out my Fasionable Mama questions because you definetely are one!!!

  4. Wow, what a story. Your creation is beautiful. I will give it a try although I am not very good at these types of art projects. Love your cardigan and the necklace as well. Your daughter is darling.

  5. Wonderful post and geat creation. I must have a good look at Roz´s blog. You have done a super job.
    Well done my friend

  6. What a cool pendant! I love the pearl necklace as well.
    It's a nice tribute to Roz. I'm sure she'll be so excited to see your post!

  7. Wonderful pendant and absolutely fantastic outfit and pictures.

  8. Yours and San's are wonderful I will be adding everyones links to the post xx

  9. great post, everyone has done such a personal take on Roz's idea and her story

  10. Oh Maya this is the first chance I had to see your post - it is so wonderful! I really feel teary, what you wrote... what a creative idea, to make it black with the rose and pearls.. it's uncanny, it's quite 'Roz'. I just love the whole look.

    But especially: you really touched on the core, I feel, of why I blog, too: it taps into how I try to live my life. If I'm in pain, somehow helping someone else helps. It really touched me when you wrote about your chronic pain, and - somehow I can't say what I mean, but I know you know.

    This might have been your most difficult post, Maya, but it is absolutely, for me - so far - your best. You have such a lovely smile, just want to reach out and give you a hug! xx

  11. It is such a good one. I feel I'm slacking by not making one. xx

  12. It's so wonderful to read about all this support for Roz and the 'spreading' of her idea. Chronic pain must be very hard to endure, it takes a brave person to face it with action (and words).

    It's lovely to have found your blog.

  13. really beautiful creation its feels so good to be part of something that will actually make a difference to her spirit which we definitely perk up when she sees all of our well wishes.

  14. These are a beautiful version of Roz's idea! I love your blog and I can't wait to spread the idea rond myself.
    From Kate at-

  15. Thank you so much for being a part of the project! I love the use of materials, and the addition of the flower on the front. Also, shooting among the autumn leaves is apt as that's one of the things I;ve been enjoying the most recently - short autumn walks in the park.

  16. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful pearl necklaces! Thank you for sharing.



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