Monday, October 18, 2010

Georgian influences in fashion ;)

 sukhishvili group

first time i saw Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 sasquatch looks i thought:  hmm, Mr. Lagerfeld has copied Georgian National dress (or at least just those fur boots).  i'm kidding of course!
all jokes aside, we Georgians are mountain people you know :) so, fur (actually, it's sheepskin) kept our ancestors warm in those long winter months. 

my parents are still visiting in Georgia.  i should totally ask them to bring me a sheepskin vest back!!!

this video is of Sukhishvili group performing Georgian Dance With Daggers...  they are coming to New York's Lincoln Center November 7th.  i really wish i lived in New York!


  1. What a lovely video.
    Here in the south not much need for fur.
    Long time without posting, are you well??

  2. Let's hope one day "Sukhishvilebi" will visit Tennessee!.:)Hugs,Bella.
    P.S. And by the way,not all Georgians are mountain people. There a lot of us from the seaside.:)))

  3. lol, Bella! Pardon me, seaside girl!

  4. Yea - my husband is from Russia and he said the same thing! He has had a fur hat forever and he laughs that it is now back in style. :)

  5. haha! you should certainly ask them to bring you a sheepskin vest- tennessee winter is coming...

    thanks for another lovely comment. i never made it to the fashion meet-up (long silly story!) it wasn't really a blogger thing, per se. the members are involved in various areas of fashion, which includes blogging.




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