Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DIY belt with lion pendant, buttons and chain (inspiration Temperley London)

my inspirations for this DIY are Temperley London belts.

Temperley London polyvore image
Temperley London $487

what you will need:
1.  old wide black belt
2.  lion pendant
3.  golden buttons
4.  golden chain
5.  two metal split rings

all my supplies are from JoAnns (except the old belt that came with some dress and did not really go well with it).
i also used yarn darner, black thread and Mr. Wonderful's wire cutters.

please let me know what you think...

11/13/2010 edit:  see here how i wore it.

lion pendant from JoAnns


  1. It is lovely that you have made your own version ,very crafty, of an expensive belt.
    How inspiring!!! I might try, you never know!!!

  2. oh, it looks fab!
    thanks for sending me the link, i'm glad to see it. you are good at DIY, my dear! xo

  3. You're a genius ! This belt makes me think to Versace that I looove !!!



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